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I really like the new compact DNA Sections on profiles.  

I would like to make a few suggestions. This is based on how I use the information so others may have different experiences.

1. Remove the Gedmatch ID and FTDNA id.  

The only reason I need a gedmatch id is when I actually want to use Gedmatch.  I have a single file with names associated with the gedmatch id and FTDNA ids.  These are names that I have a some need. Those I manage, known relatives, and any other that I do work with. I need the fTDNA id for my multiple logins. But for the most part, FTDNA ID's are used on rare occations for other reasons.

2. I would if possible divide this section into 4 subsections.

a. My DNA Test(s) - This would contain the tests I have taken, and I lean towards any or all DNA information including ids.

b. Maternal - If the match connects to the profile via the mother, then the profile Name link would appear in this section.

c. Paternal - if the match connects to the profile via the father, then the profile name/link would appear in this section.

d. Descendents - if the match is not a,b or c, then it goes here.

2. Display calculated relationship Next to the profile namewith a link to relationship finder.
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I wasn't meaning anything about they were going away, I was simply stating that having them in locations has helped my projects tremendously so I don't agree with narrowing down where they can be seen.  They should be in as many relevant locations as possible to help other family members easily find them where they might be useful to them.   You don't have any way of knowing how an unknown to you cousin might stumble across them and having the info there they need is very helpful. It doesn't take up much space anyway, IMHO
Peter and Magnus,

Why the concern over the HTML.  The decision to make data available in HTML is a completely separate question and is made independently of what gets displayed on the screen.

The question is, why does duplicate information have to be "DISPLAYED" on every connected screen.

This is why I ask how it is being used. I am guessing the answer is that it is used by google in the way described(in the html). If this is the case, then I would have suggested that you put a question mark next to the name and the data be stored for easy access to google.
Because you have no way of knowing WHICH page someone is going to land on and be looking at Ken.  If the information is relevant to that page, which in this case it would be, having it their is a plus. I'm sorry, it's just wikitree has been such a boon to my projects this past year and what you are proposing could cause a huge decrease in that.  So I'm simply stating I'm not for it--you asked for how folks were using it. I stated how it has helped my project and brought in new participation and contact from others who found the information ran gedmatch analysis from numbers easily shown on a page.  Sorry I just don't get the need to remove it.  It uses all of 6 characters of space.

Lisa, we disagree as to what users do when they land on a page.  I don't believe they land on a page, then copy the gedmatch id and go straight to gedmatch.  I believe the click on the DNA tester profile and get the gedmatch id from that page after getting somewhat familiar with the person.

A while back I believe I had made a similar suggestion and received similar comments. I only needed to see the DNA testers name once, not repeated on every test. I could click to get to the profile or click to the DNA page to get the rest. Now, like then, as the lists for people begin to grow, this issue will have to be revisited.

Also, displaying the gedmatch id takes up 33 characters.

", GEDMatch M924780 [test details]"

Why the concern over the HTML.
?!?! dont understand your comment?!?!

If you have a gui idea I think its easier if you draw it. And Chris is the doer and the person who decides... 

Thank you Lisa. I totally agree.  Where we currently see GEDmatch IDs is excellent (IMHO).

Magnus, Let me explain...

If Peter requires the information to be displayed on a page.  The functionally he must need is for it to be displayed on the page and then make use of this information. For instance, he cuts and pastes the id and uses it on gedmatch.  This is why he needs it displayed.

But if he doesn't use it this way, he only needs to "have Google find a keyword" on the page, this can be done without having it displayed. 

The decision to decide if something is displayed or not displayed is made completely independent of the decision to use keywords in the HTML.

Because these are two completely independent decisions, I would like to concentrate on the one that involves it being displayed.  What process requires it to be displayed?

I have no problem with the general principle of having more keyword data the better if this makes any difference. I don't agree that it all needs to be displayed.


It would be irresponsible of me to make a suggestion to Chris when people are claiming that having this information is a critical part of their process. I also think it's responsible of me to ask for exactly what that process is so I can understand.

This really isn't worth pursuing any further at this time. I fully expect that when profiles start listing 50 matches or so and who are also going to be testing at more than 1 DNA Service, this will get revisited and that at least some of my suggestions will get implemented.

Out of all the issues mentioned in this thread, this is by far the least important.
re Ken

My understanding of the development process in Wikitree is that people discuss in G2G and then maybe something happens or not.... Chris has explained for me that the process is slow....

As said I think a GUI change is better documented in a prototype or screendumps...
Magnus, thank you for your suggestion, but I think the timing is not right. I know the advantage of a prototype but in this case, I don't believe it will make any difference.

I do see it is important to highlight the changes in functionality.  This particular change would require an extra click on all but the one source profile.  

I agree that if this change broke processes that used the keyword, I would characterize this as critical, so I would obviously keep keywords. But no one has confirmed this is true.

Like I said, it really isn't worth pursuing any further, and out of all the issues on this thread, this is the least important.

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I wouldn't want to do without the Gedmatch ID #s.  I use them to do a one to one comparison on Gedmatch to see if I share any DNA with the people showing as descendants on profiles...
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (555k points)
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Just a quick comment, I was not suggesting we do away with gedmatch id's. just the location of where to get them.

The more locations the better.  They definitely need to appear on all those who could carry matching DNA segments.  That's the point to find potential matches based on shared lineage.  And that is how folks are finding my project's entries.  We have had 30 new participants and 6 new DNA testers this past year from wikitree alone.  It works and is working well!

I totally agree with Darlene, Lisa (and Peter) on this one.  And I do use the numbers from the pages of people other than the original test taker.
Exactly, as do I and apparently even newbies who have contacted me did so because they had just run one to one comparisons with kit numbers listed on their ancestors page.  So yes, first stop, people do use this just like I do.

And as for having 50, some of mine already do, it's not a problem and it's nice to see them all right there on the relevant page where you can just go down this list with gedmach pulled up on your second screen and copy and paste the kit numbers in and do all your one to ones.  No extra clicking to a users page and then back again to see who was next and click their page and then back yet again, yep, that would be a real pain in the process IMHO. I am an efficiency person and the current view allows me to be most efficient and involves the least amount of clicking to find the kit numbers I need for the comparisons.

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