I have added parents to an individual, yet they don't show up.

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I added parents to an individual's tree, yet they don't appear on the tree for some reason. When looking at the individual's profile there is a question mark  listed in each parental spot. When clicking on the question mark, it shows  only the enter parent  page again as if no action were taken. I'm new to the site and more than a bit confused. Help please.

 Thanks, Annie
in WikiTree Tech by Ann F G2G Rookie (280 points)

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Hello, Ann!

Welcome to WikiTree!!

After looking at your contributions log, I believe you created the parent's profile as an unlinked profile.

To link F-436 as the father to F-435, click on the yellow-highlighted father? link on F-435's profile page. On the new edit page, enter F-436 (the father's profile ID) in the box at the end of step A; then click the green Go icon to link the father's profile.

This should link the father to the child. If you still have a problem linking the 2 profiles, just post a new comment to this topic!

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
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I think Wikitree may be too difficult for me to grasp. Thanks for the help will give it a try.
P.S. Linda, do those other two profiles still exist? Do I have to delete them or merge them once I do what you suggested?

Ann, after looking at the F-435 profile again, I see that you have a father already attached. However, I don't know his ID since his profile appears to be Red locked.

Could you post the WikiTree ID for your father's profile - I mean the profile that is currently attached as your father? You may have attached a different profile as your father, which is why you can't attach F-436 for now. If so, you will need to detach that profile before you can attach the correct profile.

Also, I had presumed that the profiles in question were F-435 and F-436, since those were the only ones that were in your contributions log when I posted my answer. If you are trying to attach different profiles, post their ID's here.

addition to post

After looking at F-436, I see that a child IS attached (I just can't determine that it is F-435 because of F-436's Red lock). If you have straightened out the child-parent link, Ann, let us know!

Finally, NO, you do NOT want to merge those profiles!!

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Did you scroll to the bottom and click on the green bar that says add father for?
by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (183k points)
Yes, that's what has me  completely flummoxed. Smile. I have no idea what I did wrong. It looked like it added. I am pretty sure I got a message saying it did, as well. Yet when I go to the individual there's nothing there and they are not connected to any parents. i tried searching for the individual and they don't come up, so it's not like I added them some where else either.
Do it again.  Make sure you read whatever comes up on the next screen The number of times I make ridiculous mistakes is astounding.  It may say the birth date is not acceptable.  You could have spelled it wrong.  Or there is no birth or death date..  There has to be one. I keep putting that in the wrong box.  So the last name is a date and there is no date.

Also double check the date you are adding.  If you make a mistake and it is before 1700, someone else will have to edit it for you.
It is not too difficult for you.

You will find your contributions in the my wikitree drop down menu on the top right side of the screen.  There you can see any profiles you have added and any changes you have made to them.

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