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Can someone please advise what constitutes post that are in error that are difficult to reverse?  I am seeing a host of what APPEARS to be unwarranted activity in a group of Barnes profiles.  I am unwilling to get involved without knowing if something is easy or difficult to correct after the fact.
in WikiTree Tech by Living Barnes G2G6 Mach 3 (34.7k points)
Are you talking about Elizabeth Lindley Barnes who married Brindley Barnes? You've done a good start by using the comments section to ask questions and point out errors/inconsistencies. If you don't hear from the profile managers within a week or two, and if the profile is open, then you could start to make the changes you have solid sources for.

It looks like there's sufficient evidence (or lack thereof) that she could be detached from her parents-- especially since there is another Elizabeth who has been documented/DNA'd to the same parents but who married another man.  You note somewhere that you still suspect she's a Lindley.  So, add the sources that support that supposition.

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http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Problems_with_Members . and:

http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Communication_Before_Editing .

 I see where there is a boondogle, I myself have made a horrendous mess of PPP Mayflower profiles , once upon a time & was reffered to a Mentor, that really had WT best interest at heart. Witch woke me up to my incredulous behavior. I thought I was doing good & only made a big mess. :) I am grateful for the painful lessons that I have learned here at WT :)

by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
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Hi Hugh.  Not sure if I understand what you are saying here.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Post - meaning profile post or biography section post?  Both are relatively easy to correct after the fact.

Profile posts can be deleted by the "author" or "Profile Manager" once they are completed - or left as additional information regarding the profile itself.

The Biography section is "revisions" to the profile itself to make the profile better.  Sometimes there are mistakes, wrong parents, wrong children, etc.  When these are found, the corrections are relatively easy to do; but sometimes figuering out the corrections are not so easy.  These can be done by any WikiTree Genealogist if profile is open, or if not open, must be on trusted list. (Notifications are sent to Managers and changes are noted.  I believe you are also notified if on the "tag" list.

If you would like further help or suggestions from me, please post a link to the profile in question and we can take a look to see if a more detailed answer is needed; or post direct to my profile page or private message.

Best regards,

Sandy (WikiTree Mentor)
by Sandy Edwards G2G6 Mach 8 (80.5k points)
I understand what is required in an individual profile.  Let me give you an example.  SUPPOSE that it is discovered that a for example lets say 30 profiles contain multiple errors are discovered and they are made by one individual. Is it possible to reset all of those errors without a lot of individual tweaks.  I know that something can be reversed easily.  My question is what cannot? Also, if the changed profile is not on the tag list of  the PM is the PM notified.

Yes, but only profile by profile. 

To Fix the profile, you can use the restore. option. (see below for steps).  Can't undo a bad merge - have to recreate but you can copy paste info from "changes section".

Document, why you believe the change was an error and/or document the correct information. (there is a comment line)

If you're irritated, wait until you're no longer irritated, then you can politely let the well intentioned person know that their information was in error, and perhaps they would like to change their personal database to reflect the correct information as now stated on the profile.


Go to "Profile" then "Changes" - click on the first occurance of Bad info in the "link edited the Biography " part.
(for instance January 9 2016 is good Info - Jan 10 is bad info)

You will see a display of  Change Details.

LH side is "Previous Information" RH side is "Changed Info" (changes will be in "red".

The top portion has a "link line that says "If serious mistakes . . . restore data from as it was 13:00, 9 January 2016.

[You can go forward/backward by using buttons below; View All changes will take you back to the "Feed List] (experiment navigation first before actually doing any restore).  By clicking the "restore" link the information is reset to the date time shown under "previous info"

Hope that helps.  Don't think I left anything out.

Regards, Sandy


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