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Hi you all.  Do you have family or are interested in Texas?  We have a new subproject of US History.  The project is called Texas.  The goal is to bring together all pages already created about Texas ( of which I probably have created the most).  

Seriously we are going to present the history of Texas, from beginning colonization by  Spain, a small time of French attempt of settlement and Spain again, Mexico, Texas revolution, Republic of Texas and the state of Texas.  Timeline will be from colonization until now.

I am hoping some of you might be interested in helping me.  And we have a huge number of Counties in this large state to develop the history and genealogy.   


Oh yes, it should be fun while everyone learns more history...

[ Texas]

(Leaders are Alison Andrus and Abby Glann)

Mary Richardson-7161, Project coordinator
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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Mary Richardson G2G6 Mach 4 (46.5k points)
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Remember the Alamo!  :)
Yes Vincent,  I authored that also, as well as the Defenders of the Alamo

and Texas Immortals

David Hatcher Childress Notable Texas Resident, Author, Publisher, "rogue archaeologist", frequent commentator on: "Ancient Aliens" / History Channel" I made his profile awhile back, It could use some fine tuning / Editing / enhancements, Thank You, John Moon :)

I added David Hatcher Childress to the notables...
T Y Mary :)
I'm interested in Texas because I live here now. I have discovered ancestors (WHEELER) who were in Massachusetts like myself and migrated down here.
Wheeler page is ready for you Darlene.  Please send to me via private email from wikiTree your email address.  Go to this page  there is a huge table of the Texas counties at the top of the page.  the counties created such as WHEELER are darkened.


Thank you for offering your assistance.[[Richardson-7161 |Mary Richardson]]
There is a Bissonette Road in Houston.

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I love it here deep in the ♥ of Texas !

err-um Secede Texas ! j/k;  

Remember Lary Secede Kilgore; 

Kilgore is 17 Miles from here; 

and Overton is 27 Miles from here Ya'll !

I'm fixin' to sign up, cause "It's fair to Midland" :)

by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
John, when you decide if you want to help with development of the counties of Texas and its history, you let me know which counties you are interested in.


:) Mary, that is a "Hard Row to Hoe" for me...  I have lived in Harris, Rusk, Cherokee, Hill, Ellis, Smith, Upshur, Marion, Harrison, Gregg, Dallas Counties, I know N.E. & Central Texas like the back of my hand.

  IDK if I can limit myself to one Texas County. :)

 I probably know more History about Gregg, Harrison, Upshur Co; (Kilgore, Gregg Co. has "The Worlds Richest Acre" in the 30s') (Bonnie & Clyde, Barrow Gang used to run through here back in the early 30s'), Marshall, Harrison Co. was a major political & production center (1840s-1860s) The Republic Of Texas & The Civil War.

May I have 3 Texas Counties please ? I would relinquish any & all of them if anyone objected. I would also like to work on: The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, Waco, McLennan Co. TDPS & have toured the Museum there many times while in H.S. / Police Explorers. I will accept any & or all of the above topics / Counties under your advisement. I have sent Alison a request & already Taged -Up. Thanks, John :0
I created the pages for Gregg County, Harrison County, and Upshur County.

they are linked on the large box of counties for you to work on. thank you


mary Richardson
My pleasure Ma'am... I'll be: "gettin ' er done" in the AM :)
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Yes I am interested in Texas. Have sent a e mail to Alison Andrus to join the project.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Which county are you interested in,  or do you want more than one, David?
Interested in Navarro County for now, may add others later.
Entered., great choice.
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Howdy Mary,

I'll be glad to be a part of this mighty fine project of yours. Similar to John, I got kin all over this fine state and might have a hard time settling on just a handful of spots.  For starters, I can work on Lamar, Wise and Lubbock.  I have a couple of Notables for Wise cty in my family.

When the need arises, I can help with Tarrant, Grayson, Tom Green, Foard, and probably a few others.  If nothing else, I can do an initial sourcing for those counties and add the pages to some profiles.

I'm also working with Debbie Allison, on the Census Images project so I can tie these counties in with my work on that project also.
by Kathleen Heath G2G6 Mach 2 (22.3k points)

That is great Kathleen.  I have been creating the pages.  I will create the ones you are interested in, and post on your page when they are ready.  Then you can send me your email address so I can list you as manager.

I will post on your page when  Lamar, Wise and Lubbock are ready for you.

It my take a few minutes to create the pages, and link them.......


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I am willing to help with this project. I am also located in San Antonio, so I have access to the Institute of Texan Cultures and SA Public Library genealogy records. I also have particular interest in Knox county, as my family has history there back to the early 1900s.

Keep in mind that I am pretty new here!
by Samuel Iacullo G2G Crew (730 points)
Hi neighbor!! I'm in SA too. :)
Lived there in SA quite a few years!!

Mary Richardson-7161
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Yes and Yes. I am a 4th, 5th, 6th, and possibly 7th generation Native Texan.

Mary already has me for quite a few counties.
by Living Guerra G2G3 (3.9k points)
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I'm interested in Texas. Though I'm not sure how much useful information I could possibly contribute. I'm sort of half Texan. My mother's side of the family settled in southern Travis County in 1871. My great-grandfather moved to Tarrant County (where I live now) about 1911. My father's a New Englander.

I will be following this with interest.
by Michael Geary G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi neighbor,  I'm in Tarrant also.  I'm helping Mary with that county and would love any information you want to share. If you don't have time to do it directly, just send me a private message with what you have.  If you want to take it over, just let Mary know.

Michael, Right I assigned Tarrant to Kathleen Heath.  You could  help her with the county.

As with any genealogy task we do, we have to research it.  The internet has a lot of sources on the Texas counties.  You might want to help Kathleen, to get a feel of what is going on, or there are more counties not taken.  


Michael I just noticed you mentioning Travis county Might I interest you in Travis?  It will have a lot as it has been there a long time.

( I almost sound like a salesman/woman.  )  I will send you a post on your page.  Thank you for the interest.



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Mary, you are a wonderful project coordinator! Thank you for everything you do. ;-)

I lived near Corpus Christi for 12 years and will take Nueces, San Patricio and Aransas Counties. Thank you for creating the pages, Mary! I will get started as soon as I finish the state pages.
by Alison Andrus G2G6 Mach 5 (50.7k points)
Thank  you Alison.  I posted you for those counties.  And you are a wonderful leader for this vast us_history project.  There is no hurry to finish any thing immediately.  These projects are actually fun and anyone who works on them learns quite a bit of history as well as the wonderful volunteering.  Mary
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I'd like to join this project. I grew up on the Gulf Coast, live in the Capitol, and graduated from UT. My maternal line has been in Texas for several generations, my dad moved here from Louisiana during the oil boom, and my husband's line was here when it was still Mexico (and before!).
by Laurie Power G2G5 (5.6k points)
Welcome to you, Laurie.

We certainly have work for you

Ha! Uh oh! Thanks - glad to help how I can. I am still learning how things work, but hopefully all that work y'all have will speed up that process.

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