Problem needs addressing: member deleting messages of another member even though red flag says do not do

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If deleting messages authored by another member is not supposed to be done, then let's put some teeth in it. At the very  least these instances should be on the list of items Rangers review.
in WikiTree Tech by Marj Adams G2G6 Mach 4 (41.0k points)
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Marj you've got my up vote.
One of the problems with rangers reviewing deletions of this sort, is that once it's deleted, we can't see it either, so don't know whether is was perhaps a duplicate or important.

I agree it's a little irritating to have messages disappear. I have a system of checking back where I've left messages, and have had them deleted so I no longer know why I left a message in the first place.

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by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
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I'm sorry, I just don't see how this is an issue. I personally don't like a long string of chit chat on my profile. I don't need the intro and welcome boxes there after I have been here for awhile and no longer need the links provided. It's the same as going through and clearing out my email every couple of week. If a question arises on a profile and has been addressed get rid of the junk on the side. I certainly, at age 44, do not  need someone's permission to delete a message off my own profile.  If you get offended because someone removes a message, well, in all honesty, you need to grow up and learn to play nice with others.
by Jim Tareco G2G6 Mach 3 (31.0k points)
I believe people are more concerned with losing information placed on profiles other than their own.
Well Jim , there is no such thing as our own profiles. I find that alot of profiles have sat for years. No one works on them especially the profile manager , and rather than work the profile they delelete messages. That the people who are trying work the profile have put there to communicate with each other. As for growing up and playing nice... why are those always the words used by people who think they don't have to follow the rules , and people should bend over backwards for them.
Trudy, Jim is talking about his own personal profile. I concur with him.

Sandi, in another g2g thread about this topic, Keith pointed out that according to the rules, we're not supposed to delete messages left even on our own personal profiles.

Like Jim, I see no value in keeping the bulk of those comments.
If it's that critical, then people should be prevented (by design) from doing it. Otherwise, this can feel like being micro-managed.
Jillaine, you've highlighted another problem. On G2G many discussions get repeated. It is difficult to determine if your current question has a current answer, especially if you're new. Why not have FAQs?

I suppose one answer is to generate engagement, and thence some form of community. Therefore, duplicate questions and discussions will occur ad infinitum.
Wikitree's equivalent of FAQs are its Help files which can be found in one or both of:

* Help Category

* Help Index

(Never understood why there are two...)

Unfortunately, I see nothing on either of those about this topic. The only text we have is what comes up when we start to delete a profile message.
I was talking about MY profile, as in me. Should I have to ask permission from someone do delete a message that is 6 months old containing information that is no longer relevant? I don't think so, I'm a grown up and can make that decision for myself.

As to pages that being worked on, how about just putting "please do not remove messages as this page is not done". Simple and civil. Once the page is done, remove the messages as i find the grey text boxes on the side ugly and distracting and they add nothing to the profile. A 4 year old chain of messages suggesting a merge adds nothing to who that person was.
Good luck with the engagement thing.  Only 300+ users have a G2G6 badge, about 0.1%.

This thread currently has 120 views, and I'm about 4 of those.  Most of the people who've viewed it at all will be counted more than once.

Even most of the "core users" only follow tags, so they miss a lot (including this thread).
RJ, I totally agree. Stop the madness. ;-)
I apologize Jim. I am a little touchy about info left on profiles for a reason being removed and warnings also . I have several profiles I've worked lately totally wiped out. Again I apologize.

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