Can sorting by profile manager be added? [closed]

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I would like to see the column for Manager on surname list pages (as in be made sortable.

I feel it would be useful to be able to see who is working on large sections of the tree.

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I would like that also. It may be impractical for last names which have thousands of entries (like Jones), however.
I am in favor of this.
I don't see that as a real problem since the default is currently 1000 per page, with 5000 per page an option. Basically, searching by one column is as easy as searching by any column (or am I missing something?).

But it would certainly be no problem when searching the Tissott surname! We need to break up your monopoly, Rosemary!!
Everyone with that spelling is my family. Now Tissot (of which we are probably a part) is a different matter. We can't go further back than a guy selling scraps off a wheel barrow in the early 19th century.
Yes. This would be helpful if you are looking for profiles in your line that are managed by a particular person.

Lindy --

I found where this question had been asked before and Chris responded here.


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Why? Its 50000 names?

What can be done is create a Google Calc document and use the function
===> You get the 1000 first entries

Then on line 1000 do

Then on line 2000 do

Then on line 3000 do

until you get all 50000 names in the Calc and then its just normal Calc functions.... sorting filtering etc....

by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (304k points)

So, by "Google Calc," you mean Google Sheets?

I was not aware there was an importhtml function! Very cool!

For those who are not as familiar with Google Sheets: What Magnus did was use a function within the spreadsheet to import data from the surname webpage, and it creates a list that you could then sort by profile manager.

One thing you would need to do is copy the profile manager name down into the empty cells in the list where the webpage shows quotation marks. For example:


One caveat after playing with this a little: It's going to be difficult to determine which profiles are being managed by the same manager in the name shown above the empty cells, and which profiles have no manager.

Also, if you want to manipulate the data once you pull it into a spreadsheet, you would need to copy it and "paste values only" into a new sheet, otherwise, you'll get an error.

Maybe ask Chris to take away the repeat character " ==> then its solved.....
or create another workaround like a macro that and fill in what is on the row above...... 

The sad thing is this is not cool as this is a work around before W3 (TED session about reframing the way we work) with linked shared data appears ==> then you could do a search in Wikitree and say please also combine this with profiles also on Wikipedia etc....

Put your data on the WEB!!! Data as data on the web!!!

Example of questions using linked open data....
Timeline Picasso paintings 
Locations Picasso paintings


Today in Wikitree we have machine readable profiles and birth and death dates/places..... if we start add templates that generate locations and time that is machine readable then we could generate a nice timeline and map for grandfather ;-) 

Magnus, I don't see why the size of the database (your answer: Why? Its 50000 names?) would matter for one column but not the others.

As for the rest of your answer, all that tech stuff is over my head (as are your and Julie's comments that follow your answer)!

Is there a simpler answer as to why certain columns are sortable while others are not?

Lindy --

I apologize for the diversion! :-) Magnus is very technical, and he finds all sorts of fun ways to manipulate data on the Internet.

His answer here -- while it's a relatively simple work around for someone who is comfortable moving data around -- is not practical for most people.

As for a simpler answer? I'm afraid I don't have one. I've wished for the same functionality myself. The only thing I can think is that perhaps because there is sometimes more than one Profile Manager on a profile, it might make setting up the sort more difficult.


I feel a result set with 50000 people is crazy big to work with.

Maybe add some grouping telling 

  • manager xxx has 5000 profiles 
  • manager yyyy has 123 profiles

    is what you want...

And then maybe also filter the result to this manager....

I think an export Function to Excel maybe could help. But that is also Technical but I assume we have many people who are good in Excel....

As always it's easier to start the discussion telling what the problem is and why we should solve it

  1. Are profile Managers with more profiles less active? 
  2. Do they have more Unsourced profiles? 
  3. Do they protect Wikitree profles so people can't work together?
  4. Do they get more errors in the new database error Report tool?
    1. Example reports from the tool
      1. Wolf-2860
      2. Wasmer-22
      3. Jones-39993 - don't work because of privacy settings
      4. Sälgö-1

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