PPP Rufus R. Dawes - add wife?

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PPP (Project Protected Profile) Rufus R. Dawes-293.  Can we add source: Ferris, Mary Dalton, ‘’’”Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines, A Memorial Volume Containing the American Ancestry of Mary Beman (Gates) Dawes. Gates and Allied Families.”’’’  (Privately Printed) 1931.  From Vol. II, p 58 of this genealogical book,  I have added his date and place of marriage.  From Vol. II, p 56 & p 233 we can get his mother's name, birth date, death date & place, wedding date & place, and family genealogy.
WikiTree profile: Rufus Dawes
in Policy and Style by Cheryl Skordahl G2G6 Pilot (244k points)

I am a member of the project, "U. S. Civil War: War Between the States"  and I am assuming this is the project that protected the profile of Rufus Dawes-293.

So since I am a member of the project, why do I get the notice, "You cannot edit this relationship because Dawes-293 is a Project-Protected Profile.  Please contact project members....." when I want to add his mother?

Here is the link: [http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Dawes-293&errcode=locked_parents]



ahh... I just noticed that Rufus Dawes' son was a U.S. Vice President.  Maybe it is US Presidents who have PPP his profile?

It is a frustration to have to guess which project has protected a profile.  Isn't there a way to identify the project when a PPP is placed on a profile?
Paula J., thanks so much for the Community Star.  I am grateful.  I enjoy working on wikitree - - - a lot!

Sometimes I am slow on the up-take regarding the wiki way. :-)  Before November of last year, I always worked on Ancestry.com - and they did the work for me!  I much prefer doing it collaboratively and searching for the information I want.

So, the rule is that if you are a member of a project you can add information to a profile that has the that project's template.  BUT if it is PPP you need to contact the project leader.  Got that now, thanks.

Another rule or insight I just learned (slow like I said above) is that the project that has PPP'd a profile is the one whose template is present on the profile.  This knowledge will end so much frustration.  Thanks.

I suppose this is all spelled out someplace... and I have read and reread the wiki guidelines, but somehow missed these bits of information.

Thanks for your patient assistance, Paula J.


I think the frustration was in my not getting to this sooner. I was both sick and over-booked at work yesterday and really dropped the ball. I try to answer questions right away!

Projects often share profiles. Any leader can remove a PPP.  The problem you ran into (and may see again) is that we used to use PPP to make sure someone could tell the profile was part of a project. Now, PPP has other purposes (the reason we do not use it as much). It will prevent you from adding relationships and changing the last name at birth.  Before, it only prevented the profile from being merged away.  

Since this change is new, many profiles that are PPP will need to be opened and not put back under PPP.  We reserve that now for profiles where there is excellent research that there are no parents (but members want to add them) or other relationships, after the last name at birth has been decided on (either through research or consensus) and we do not want it being changed back and forth, and for profiles where it is known that the person's name is unknown but different theories cause people to change it to different names.  In other words, now it can keep us from correcting the same problems over and over again. It is not just for our convenience though. There is a google redirect problem that occurs when a profile is merged over and over which is what is happening when you change the LNAB.

This change was made after the Civil War project so there may be profiles that need the PPP taken off.  Just post on g2g and any leader can do that or contact me and I will do it for you.  

You are learning faster than I did!! Plus things do change, for the better I am happy to say!!  We are constantly working on the help pages. Adding a ink to those on the project page would be a good idea!  Maybe a frequently asked questions page for the project would also be helpful.

It is so valuable to hear from members like you!! Thanks for your time and involvement!! I will try to get back to you quicker in the future.
Paula J., Hope by now that you're feeling better and in full health.  No problem about getting back to me in two days...You're doing a great job and I was just a bit too anxious.  Sorry.

Thanks for connecting Mary (Gates-1904) Dawes to her husband Rufus R. Dawes-293.  Now I think that family is all linked up, but I may run across others as I continue to work.

And thanks for your explanation above.

Have a nice evening,

I believe that project coordinators (not just Leaders) also have the "power" to change relationships on PPP profiles.

And it's not project specific. I'm a PGM project coordinator. That gives me the "power" to edit PPP relationships on any other project.
Jillaine, thanks for your additional comment.  So now I know that Project Coordinators, as well as Leaders have the "power" to change relationships on PPP's.  But the word "power" need not be in quotes, am I right Jillaine? You do actually have the power, right?  "Power" in this instance can be taken literally, can't it? On a sight like this, there does need to be trained and competent people (such as yourself and Paula J) at the helm, else we would all be struggling out in cyber space someplace.  :-}  ha ha ha....that brings some crazy images to mind!   

But, I have a curious mind.  And so here's what question comes next...

What is the line of authority on wikitree?  And what are their duties? Is there a Head Leader, Leaders (how many?), Project Coordinator (one or more for each project?), ???  (not knowing who else holds authority)  ???... All the way on the line to the Volunteer/Profile Manager.  

Perhaps there is some place on the initial  information pages that explain this, but I don't remember seeing it.  If there is a page, could you direct me to it?  Thanks.

If not, an information page that explains this would be beneficial.  If us volunteers had a list of those in authority and what their responsibilities are, then perhaps we would avail ourselves  :-)  to check it out, and know who to contact when confusion arises. :-)  I say that with a smile, since I know that there are lots of explanation pages on wiki ---- pages that are written with great detail ---- that take lots of time and thought ---- and many of us volunteers do not avail ourselves to read them.  So sorry about that, to all you Leaders and Project Coordinators, and others who work so hard to make this such a good genealogical web site. I APPRECIATE YOU!

The more I wikitree, the more I see how much work it takes, from such a great Team.  My thanks to all of you.

And now I'm thinking I should have started a new thread, since most of this has nothing to do with Rufus Dawes!   ha ha ha....

Have an enjoyable evening,

Ditto!! I actually didn't know that either. And I also appreciate you!
Cheryl, yeah, you might want a separate post asking about the power structure here. Until then, here's my very unofficial sense of it.

1. Chris Whitten, founder, CEO, top dog.

2. Team (hired people)

3. Leaders (volunteers)

4. Project coordinators (volunteers)

5. People who have passed the pre-1500 test.

6. People who have the pre-1700 badge (which is really 1501-1700).

7. People who have signed the honor code

8. Guests

9. Non-logged in viewers.
Thank you Jillaine, I am grateful to each one of these people.  Sure, this site has some flaws - - - it's not perfect - - - but I love it so much, and am learning so much.  Thank you to you, to my PGM mentor, Roland Baker, and to all my new friends and compatriots.
Sincerely, Cheryl

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You get the answer because it is a PPP profile.  Whenever that happens, contact the leader of the project (which you did - thanks).

I have removed the PPP so you can add now.

Rules for PPP changed recently so I will not be adding it back to this particular profile. Still, for anyone reading, it is good to contact the project before making changes to project profiles. A template such as this one, Civil War, or a project as profile manager indicates a profile is part of a project.  

Thanks for being a part of the Civil War project and for your valuable contributions, Cheryl!!
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (256k points)
selected by Cheryl Skordahl
Thanks Paula J.  Please see my note above.


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