Proposed changes to PPP Vratislav (Přemyslovci-6)

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I would like to propose several changes on the profile to clean up inconsistencies and factual errors:

  1. First Name: We currently have Vratislav for Proper First Name and Wratislaw I for Preferred Name. The spelling with "V" vs. "W" is a question of using old vs. new Czech orthography. Since most other names in this family follow new orthography rules should we apply this here also to maintain consistency?
  2. Current Last Name is "Premyslid", should it be "z Čechy" analog to his father? Certainly not Premyslid.
  3. Other Nicknames and Other Last Names: "Böömin Herttua", Finnish for "Duke of Bohemia", the only connection to Finland this family had was the upload of the GEDCOM with information in Finnish. This, together with the Other Last Name "of Bohemia", could be replaced with "český kníže" and in addition, perhaps, "Herzog von Böhmen", the German being justified by Bohemia becoming dependent on the East Frankish Kingdom around the time of his rule.
  4. Birth Date: Currently 877, almost all information that includes dates list about 888, including Charles Cawley on FMG.
  5. Birth Place: Currently "Prague, Bohemia, Czechlosovakia" (sic). There is no known birth place for him. The Czech Wikipedia speculates it may have been Levý Hradec, the family seat until his parents moved it to Prague. And at his birth Bohemia was still under Great Moravian influence. I would use Čechy, Velká Morava and mention the speculation about Levý Hradec in the bio.
  6. Death Place: This information should be in the bio. There is no indication where this supposed battle took place.
  7. The wives need to be merged and the marriage date should be about 906 (FMG and Třeštík, Dušan: Počátky Přemyslovců).
  8. As to the children: He has no daughter Biagota, even less one who married her own brother Boleslav.
WikiTree profile: Vratislav I z Čechy
in Genealogy Help by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (552k points)

1 Answer

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Thanks Helmut, all those changes sound quite reasonable.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (535k points)

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