If you have 3 profiles that need merging...

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...what is the procedure?  I've notified all the profile managers and requested being added to the Trusted List.  I guess the 2 least fleshed-out get merged and then merged with the most complete.  The issue is Rittenhausen/Rittenhouse and Gerhard(t)/Garret(t).  I think I need a break from the Rittenhouses for a day or two!

Linda (Reineke-14)
in Genealogy Help by Linda Steiner G2G5 (5.9k points)

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You need agreement on what the correct LNAB is.

Then identify the lowest numbered WikiTree ID with that LNAB.

Then merge each profile into that chosen profile.

Clean up before the merge can help and be sure to check parents, siblings and Spouses.

Read more here:  MERGES

by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
Notice that the merges are

Chosen correct profile: Smith-2

Merge Smyth-10 into Smith-2

Merge Smythe -1 into Smith-2.

Do not merge Smythe-1 into Smyth-10 and then into Smith-2.
Thanks.  I'll keep that in mind.
Sorry, I was writing a reply and lost it.  Really new being active here and not sure what LNAB is.  Don't I need to be on the Trusted List on all these profiles to merge them?  Proving they're the same shouldn't be an issue considering they all have the same father and 3 the same birth date.  Sorry for all my confusion.  I'll muddle through and see how far I can get.  Thanks!
Linda, my bad. I know better than to use abbreviations when answering questions. The fault is mine. Last Name at Birth. Which is used when generating the WikiTree ID.
You do not need to be on the trusted list to initiate the merge. You do need to be if you were going to complete the merge or be the profile manager.

You don't need to be on the Trusted List to propose a merge. You don't even have to be on the Trusted List to complete the merge if the merge gets auto-approved after 30 days if none of the managers responds. You have to be on the Trusted List to approve a merge.

LNAB = Last Name At Birth, this is used by the system to generate the profile number, that's why it is important that duplicate profiles get merged into the lowest number with the right Last Name At Birth. Details such as birth dates and places etc. and biographies don't matter for the merge as the first can be picked from either profile during the merge and the latter are preserved from both profiles and need to then get consolidated manually afterwards.

Sorry to be a pain, but what if the actual LNAB is not on any of the profiles?  I highly suspect it's Rettinghausen and can probably prove it.  It would be a lot easier to track everyone if we use Rittenhouse.


Anyway, thanks for all the advice!
You're certainly not a pain Linda. This is precisely why we have G2G. If you're the profile owner of one of the profiles, then change it to the correct last name at birth. Be sure to cite your sources. If you have the good sources congratulations you're the winner. However we asked for collaboration so get the other profile manners to agree with you. Then merge the other profiles into your new one as discussed.
Thanks Helmut,

I am always striving to be more precise and accurate with my language.
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So pick the lowest WikiTree number for the 3 profiles, and that's going to be your target for the merge. When you finish, this will be the remaining number.

Initiate a merge, you'll have a top box and a lower box. The higher numbered profile goes in the top box, the lower number in the bottom. Click the button to kick off the merge then provide the reasons and submit. Because there are 3 profiles, you'll have to do this twice. So if you were merging (for example):

Brown-1, Brown-2, and Brown-3

Brown-2 gets merged into Brown-1

Brown-3 gets merged into Brown-1

Only Brown-1 remains when all is done.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
But do not merge Smith into Brown unless you have the sources to prove it.  <<smile>>.  Thanks Scott!
LOL! Excellent point! Thanks, Michael!

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