Can you clear db anamoly - the ghost of Morris Hobbs [1615-1706] ?

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The link displays the grandfather Morris Hobbs [1615-1706] with wife Sarah Eastow-2.
But when I click on the link 'Morris Hobbs' it brings up the profile for Morris Hobbs-294 [1652-1740]. What is causing this database anamoly ? Why is the family tree displaying the dates for a Morris Hobbs that is gone ?

This family is on db error report because currently the mother has marriage link to her son.
WikiTree profile: Maurice Hobbs
in WikiTree Tech by Sheila x G2G6 Mach 3 (32.8k points)
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This is corrected
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (707k points)
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Excellent work !
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Morris Hobbs jr.(1652) is married to Sarah Swett (1650), not to his mother Sarah Eastow (1625)
Remove spouse Eastow from Hobbs Jr., and you are done.
by Pierre Goolaerts G2G6 Mach 2 (22.0k points)
edited by Pierre Goolaerts
We cannot be done when we DO NOT KNOW WHY the db shows a ghost of a profile that no longer exits. We depend upon the family tree showing current profiles, if that does not happen we cannot trust what we see.
It shows that Morris jr. is married to his mother. This mistake must be solved first. Then we can see if any other problems are there still.
If you click on Morris Hobbs (1615) you get a link to the husband of Sara Eastow his wife. But if you click on Sarah Eastow, you'll only see her son Hobbs jr. (1652) as her husband.
If you click on Hobbs jr (1652) you see that he has two wifes: his wife and his mother.
Solve this first and see if any other problem persists.
Morris Hobbs jr (1652) is not a ghost, he is the wife of Sara Eastow.
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As you can see from changes tab of Hobbs-454

he was merged into Hobbs-452

and then merged again into Hobbs-294. I think error was done here. That makes it double merge which is I think not allowed.

A solution might be to remove parents and set them again.
by AleŇ° Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (561k points)
Thanks for your comment. We do have many profiles that are merged again and again. I wonder if a db index just dropped a link somewhere, and the ghost still exists

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