I am encountering an error using the API

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I have written a python module to use the WikiTree API. Retrieving results in JSON format works well, but fails for XML format. The following URL will illustrate the problem (This link opens on a new tab or window.) It does not require an api login.


I get the following error message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <error code="internal_api_error" info="Exception Caught: Internal error in ApiFormatXml::recXmlPrint: (api, ...) has integer keys without _element value. Use ApiResult::setIndexedTagName().">

#0 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiBase.php(508): wfDebugDieBacktrace('Internal error ...')
#1 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiFormatXml.php(110): ApiBase::dieDebug('ApiFormatXml::r...', '(api, ...) has ...')
#2 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiFormatXml.php(56): ApiFormatXml-&gt;recXmlPrint('api', Array, -2)
#3 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiMain.php(340): ApiFormatXml-&gt;execute()
#4 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiMain.php(329): ApiMain-&gt;printResult(false)
#5 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiMain.php(210): ApiMain-&gt;executeAction()
#6 /home/wikitree/www/includes/api/ApiMain.php(195): ApiMain-&gt;executeActionWithErrorHandling()
#7 /home/wikitree/www/api.php(53): ApiMain-&gt;execute()
#8 {main}


The above is a little more readable when you follow the URL above. Remove the "&format=xmlfm" to see that this query returns valid JSON.

Could someone have a look to see if this can be repaired.



in WikiTree Tech by Doug Henderson G2G6 Mach 1 (10.0k points)
There's an API?

1 Answer

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Hi Doug,

For your application, do you need both the JSON and the XML?

I'm wondering if the XML is really necessary.


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

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