I have questions about DNA results and how to apply them to Wikitree.

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I recently received the results from my Ancestry DNA test. I noticed that on Wikitree on my profile it says that I have not provided a GedMatch number. I have that number but. When I click on that link I think it says that at this time it is not possible to add my number in. Am I correct?

Also, on Ancestry, I am starting to get results about DNA circles, which confirms that certain people are my ancestors. I am not sure how to add that confirmation on Wikitree. I am new to this whole DNA thing and don't really understand the explanations in the Help section. Is there an easy way to add the confirmation to my Wikitree ancestors?

Nikki Byer
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Hi Nikki, thanks for your post on G2G.  You should be able to add your Gedmatch ID # to your DNA test page on your profile.  Go to your profile and highlight the 'add' link near the top right.  Then click on DNA Test Information.  The first thing shown on the page is 'Ancestry DNA'.  Look towards the right of that line and you'll see a button that says 'Edit or Enter More Details'.  Click on that, and a page will come up that has a place  for your Ancestry.com user name and another box/place for your Gedmatch ID.  Enter it there and then be sure to click on the 'Save Details' button towards the right of the screen.

As far as Ancestry and DNA Circles, you cannot use those to confirm ancestors.  They do not in fact confirm ancestors.  They are clues to shared ancestors.  So you can't confirm ancestors solely based on others showing up in your ancestry.com DNA circles.  If you've uploaded to Gedmatch, you can look for triangulated groups (where you share a common segment on a chromosome with two or more other people) and if you all share a common ancestor (as long as the other people you're matching aren't close relatives, i.e. parent/child, siblings, aunt/uncle & niece/nephew), then you can confirm a common ancestral couple.

Since you're new to DNA and having problems understanding the explanations, I'd suggest you spend some time reading about autosomal DNA and what you can do with your results.  I highly recommend the ISOGG site.  You might start at this page and then click on various links and read the articles and/or watch videos:  http://www.isogg.org/wiki/Beginners%27_guides_to_genetic_genealogy

by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (560k points)
Thanks! I was able to add the GEDMatch number. Now I will work on the confirmation triangles. Since I am the oldest living relative in my immediate family, it may be difficult.
I will also do the suggested reading and research on DNA matching. Thanks!

Wow! Darlene!  Great answer!  I copied it for my article on the different types of DNA for genetic genealogy.  I made one is as simple language as possible (cos you'll have to admit it is quite a complicated subject) with DNA terminology etc. so when friends and family want to learn the basics, I have something to give them.  And you are so correct in referring to the ISOGG site!  Very informative!


The ancestry.com DNA site is good for gathering the DNA information for genetic genealogy documentation.   However it is good to have it here on WikiTree because matches for people who took DNA testing through other sites will also match yours here (not on ancestry) and enable you to document genetically a relationship with a common ancestor.

Nikki, did you know that genealogy in the 21st century is far advanced than even a few years ago, due to Autosomal DNA testing?  Of course the Internet has advanced genealogy research tremendously.  But autosomal DNA testing has opened up genetic genealogy which is when we document relations to ancestors genetically.  It is a really exciting turn of events these days!

If there are questions about DNA on WikiTree after reading what is stated here, please do not hesitate to ask.  We all are collaberating on this great One Human Family Tree together!

Hi Sara,

I do agree with you about how exciting it is to be able to get so much information out of a little bit of spit! It blows me away that ancestors several generations away from me can be identified by our DNA.

Thanks for your interest in my question. I'm enjoying my work on Wikitree.


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