How does a private "Gloria Rose Schmid formerly Beaudet" become attached to my tree without contacting me--HOW?

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I have discovered that this tree has attached (not the right word)  her private tree to my public tree (now Berg-1880)  based on private information re her Schmid surname, a married name. No correspondence has taken place--Why isn't there a mechanism for informing me? (Yes, this site is collaborative. but that suggests collaboration, of which there has been none.)  No information about her Schmid surname exists on that tree.

Viktoria Schmid is the presumed Sister of Rosa or Rosalin Bär,  a relative of Rosa shown on the Ellis Island Ship manifest for the Barbarossa for the passage of Rosa's granddaughter Anna Berg in 1907.

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Normally if you're connecting to an existing tree you do make connection or at least a heads-up with the PM of the person you're attaching to  But neither of you two are very experienced here yet.  the other person's ID is easy to obtain from the Beaudet surname list (under Find at the top) so your first step is to try to contact her. and talk things over(also ask if she would make you a member of her trusted list so you can compare what has to what you have.  If she doesn't reply, then try here again in a few days and we can ramp it up.  (Unfortunately, collaboration does take some time, but it's a necessary problem since not everyone is instantly available.)
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (410k points)
Wow, thanks so much, Dave. I'm excited about the potential of information behind this asserted linkage. I'll get on it as soon as possible.

I'd give you a hug I'm so happy about your note. An opening through a shield it is, perhaps. (I can dream, can't I? (even though it's research!)
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Welcome aboard Roberta.  Just as a point of order, note that what is evolving at this site is one, single worldwide tree, with one profile per person.  There really is no such thing as my tree, your tree, her tree, etc..  There can be public or private profiles, but they are all part of the same tree.  As you expand your own ancestral lines, and go farther back in time, you should begin to intersect more and more with the ancestral lines of other members.  When you see that happening, things are working as they are supposed to (and perhaps you have found a new cousin you didn't know you had).  It's always nice when those other members who find a connection contact you and want to collaborate, but it doesn't always happen.
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I'm not a newbie, but my contributions (before today I was at G2G3 (3,890 points) ) have been decimated because I had to change the record for my birth name (when I did sign up long ago, I used my birth certificate name that is completely unrelated to my DNA birth name--my father's birth name (Berg). Yes, well, IT'S COMPLICATED. But I think I finally got it straight.  

That said, I do realize all you said about the collaborative process, and while I have yet to find anyone I recognize as a DNA relative on Wtree, I will and apparently this woman recognized me as one of hers. I haven't had the chance today to get back to this problem. Will later.  I am a newbie in a particular part of W-tree, an Ashkenazi or Jewish arm of us, so perhaps I'll find out more about my father's father eventually.
Must note:  I've had my points changed a number of times, but yes I'm far less experienced than you are.
Having them disappear is a bit misleading, so I wonder why someone doesn't take the points with the person, not with a changing surname for women only, usually, but also for adoptees or stemming from a parent who's been adopted.
I suspect the disappearance of G2G points because of a name change is probably an unusual occurrence, and the system doesn't address it.  You might try writing to and explain your circumstances, and perhaps they could repair your record.  No harm in asking.
Thanks, Dennis. I'll do this.

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