William "coonie" Mullins and his five brothers ... named William

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There is a problem with William "Coonie" Mullins. He has five brothers named William. Some of them have the same father; others don't. Some of them have the same mother; others don't.

Would anyone care to take a stab at these?
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Here is what I have found:

Matthew Mullins b ca 1678 Ireland And died 1720 Prince William County VA

Maybe married Elizabeth Butters

Children; William Grancer (b1700--1704) d. Abt 1736 King William Co., VA

Brothers listed as: Jacob, Henry, Isaac, Matthew, John and Joseph.

My line runs through William who married Katherine Smith with

Whose children included: John,  William, Joshua, James, Agnes & Mary.

William was b 1721-25 VA d 1790-91 Franklin Co., VA

Married: Katherine Elizabeth Varner. Their children included:

William Jr., John Wesley (Buttin John), Ambrose, Nancy and maybe Booker (DNA matches Adkins).

Ambrose (b 1758 VA d 1835 Russsll Co, VA

Married: unknown

Children: William "Connie Bill", Elizabeth, Sarah/Sally, Marshall,

Ambrose Jr., Dorcas, Islam, Arti/Arty (female) and Joseph.

Let me know if this is helpful or you would like more information,


Regards, Bonnie Mullins Carter
Bonnie --

It has been more than 4 months since I posted a plea for help from the profile managers on this profile, and no one has shown interest.

I think it would be more than appropriate for you to add your information to the profile. I would just be sure that you cite the sources where you found the information so the PMs will know that it's accurate. :-)

Thanks so much for digging in!!

Bonnie, I think part of the issue with William "Coonie" is that I've recently discovered there were two William's with that nickname that are different men. With that being said, the one in my line was the s/o Ambrose Mullins and "unknown". This Coonie Bill married Rutha Foster. I hope this helps!

I have a Matthew Mullins born in 1728 married to Mary Maupin, child Gabriel Mullins 1758 VA- 1841 KY..4th and 5th great grand fathers
@Bette, that's the Mullins group that is French. Different group.

@Anonymous, I wouldn't have believed it either but the other one they were calling "Coonie" is from WV and born in the later 1800's. So yes, even nicknames can fool us. Like "Revolutionary John" ... there are two. One is aka Chunky John and the other is aka Buttin' John. Chunky was a POW in England for over 7 years and no longer appeared in the census until he was released.

Angle, I only have the one William "Coonie Bill" Mullins in my tree and I do believe his wife was Ruth Foster... so, we may be related! My line is through his sister Arti, her son Isaac Mullins (most likely son of Jams Howard who lived close by but was married). Since "Sue Howard" is my closest match in DNA, and I have no Howard's in my tree -- I think I'm going to have to accept that Arti's son Isaac was fathered by a Howard and raised a Mullins. Isaac married Polly Wireman and they had son named Ambrose (born1839) who was my great great grandfather. Ring any bells with you? Regards, Bonnie

Bonnie, are you through Marshall or John? I gotta tell you that family is confusing to research because they kept changing if they were going to go by Mullins or go by Bryant/Briant. 

The younger Marshall, the son of Marshall & Rebecca (Vanover) Bryant or Mullins was also known as "Bud" Bryant. In 1850 the family was in Russell Co., VA as Mullins. In 1860 they were in Pike Co., KY as Bryants. In the 1870 census Marshall was gone and they were Mullins again. Later on the younger Marshall changed his name Bryant again. 

As if the Mullins aren't hard enough to figure out ... let's throw that in! The elder Marshall b. abt 1822 gets most often confused with Marshall b. 1823 s/o Marshall & Sally (Potter) Mullins and even morso with Marshall "Big Foot" Mullins s/o Sherd & Mary (Roberts) Mullins. The reason people confuse him with Big Foot is the wife "Mary Rebecca" Vanover. All they seem to see is "Rebecca Vanover" and think ... YEAH, that has to be the same person!  UH ... NO, it's not!!!! These Vanover ladies were 1st cousins!  

Rebecca who married Marshall Bryant was d/o Daniel & Nancy (Collins) Vanover. Mary Rebecca who married Marshall "Big Foot" Mullins was d/o Cornelius Vanover VI and Sarah Hill. 

Now about your line, I don't have Tecumseh. I only have Charley as s/o George & Malinda. I show 4 other children with Viney and 1 with Elvira. Have you corresponded with Bob Whittaker? 

Angelee & Sandi --

Have either of you been able to identify any of the Williams that need to be merged together??

If we could get the profiles consolidated, it would give you two a way to determine your relationship more accurately. :-)

Betty, the Matthew Mullins in my line was born in England (although most likely of Irish descent) around 1678; died 1720 Virginia. He married Elizabeth Butters and they had the following children: William, Jacob, Henry, Isaac, Matthew, John and Joseph as stated above. I was recently advised by a Mullins project manager on Ancestry that "Grancer" was not a part of William's name. This fellow at Ancestry seems to have done a considerable amount of research. I haven't 'merged' any William Mullins on Wikitree since still working on confirming my original comments were/are correct. Thanks, Bonnie

Apologies - the project manager I mentioned is with Family Tree DNA not Ancestry .. his info is based on DNA results he's privy to.
Julie, see my note above.


Angelee, Bob Whittaker is my 2nd cousin (our grandathers Charlie & Tecumseh were bothers - both sons of George and Malinda "Linda" Bailey) and, yes, we correspond regularly. Note my comment today to Betty -- Bob is in agreement with the comments from the Ancestry fellow. I need to get back with him and ask a few questions before I am comfortable merging any of the Mullins ancestors. Hopefully we can all agree shortly.

Hi Bonnie,

My cousin and I are also tracing our family tree. We have just started on the Mullins side, coming up with the following: My mother is Roberta Carver- daughter of Cora Alice Mullins - daughter of Jacob "Jake" Mullins - son of Isom Mullins - son of Isham " wildcat" Mullins - son of Marshall Mullins - son of Ambrose Mullins - son of William Mullins Sr.- son of Mathew Mullins of (1678-1720) Ireland.
Hi Rayetta, it seems there's been a wrong turn somewhere. Isom Mullins (the son) was only married 2x. 1st Cynthia Phipps 2nd to to my great-grandmother Mincy Vanover.. He had no children with Cynthia that I'm aware of, her children were all Hogstons. Feel free to email me. omoonbeam @ gmail.com
I'm wondering if you should be looking at Isom who married Candacy Osborne. That family "does" have a Jacob. If so you have one too many Isom's listed.  Should be Jacob > Isom > Ambrose. This Isom is an uncle of my Wildcat isham.

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  1. My research shows that William "Coonie Bill" Mullins Sr. b abt 1776 was the son of Ambrose and Unknown and did marry Ruth/Rutha Foster  in 1795. He died between 1856-57 in Indian Creek, Pike Co.,Ky (Floyd Co, Ky). They are both buried on the farm where their daughter Nancy and her husband Hiram Osborne lived. However, their tombstones were removed many years later and the cemetery was plowed and used as a garden.
This is the William Mullins son of Ambrose who was a son of William (and 
Katherine Varner Mullins) who was son of William Grancer Mullins (and Katherine Smith) Who was son of Matthew Mullins.
William "Coonie Bill" also had a son he named William Varner Mullins.
They did seem to favor the name "William"; but I don't think 
There were 2 with the nickname of Coonie Bill.
Hope this is helpful.



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I'm really happy to see all the conversation going on about this!!

This is a situation that I ran across in my capacity as an Arborist. So, if all of you Mullins experts would just like to continue on with your sorting of this family, I am going to step back.

If you need any help with anything, though, please feel free to let me know.

I don't know if any of the profiles would fit within one of our projects, but that's certainly something you may want to look into. 

Again, love seeing the collaboration going on!! 


by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (504k points)

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