Are you working on putting this family back together?

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Back in 2011, somebody who appears to have left WikiTree since uploaded a GEDCOM file named "Westhunkin family tree.ged". I happened across one of the profiles created from that GEDCOM while looking for orphaned Slades, but it wasn't connected to any other profile. 

I don't see anything on the Changes page about anybody disconnecting it, so I'm assuming either that the GEDCOM didn't contain links between the profiles in it, or that those links weren't formatted correctly, or that, at the time, WikiTree wasn't parsing GEDCOMs correctly, and the links didn't get transferred (or possibly something else happened that hasn't occurred to me).

In any case, since then, I've been working on linking together profiles from that GEDCOM as I find them, as part of the Sourcerers Challenge (and now the Connectors Challenge). I don't know whether finding that her family tree has been reassembled will encourage that user to come back to WikiTree again, but at the very least, I'd like to get these Slades connected to the wider tree. (And, ultimately, find out whether there's a connection to my family.)

So if you have any profiles that originated with "Westhunkin family tree.ged", can you please let me know? Maybe we can work towards one another.


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I started a free-space profile that I called The Lost and Found Project as a place to keep track of any more disconnected GEDCOMs that anybody comes across.


Hi, Greg!

This would probably fall under the Connectors Project

It would be great for you to check in with them to see how they can fit this into the other efforts they have going on.


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Have come across quite a few profiles from this gedcom, mainly Kent and Cornwall I think. Here are a couple that show up if you do a google search:

John Mills Thomas Hunkin

Both of these have been readopted, one is connected the other isn't. Not sure if this info helps or not, but shall look out for them from now on. I have no connection to either of these families, just came across them while connecting other branches.

by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 8 (84.3k points)
Thanks, Carol! John Mills is connected, so if I can connect the profiles I've found to him, that would connect them to the larger tree as well.

I checked the unconnected Hunkin's in Cornwall, and they too are all mainly stand-alone profiles not connected to anyone. Will try and connect some of them into family groups, which should make connecting them to the global tree easier. I'll post again if I get them connected.

Yes. Almost all of the profiles I've been able to find have been completely disconnected. Some of the spouses have been linked to one another, but no parent-child links survived in the profiles I've identified so far. I started with scattered leaves, and I've built up a branch and another twig so far.

I've found another gedcom that has a similar problem of containing many unconnected profiles, this one is for the Punchard family. The gedcom was uploaded on 6 Jan 2010 and entitled gl123068.ged. Using the unconnected lists I can see there are 26 unconnected stand alone profiles and another 104 profiles in small branches. So here's another example to add to the list.
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Hi Greg.  I have been working on adopting and sourcing the Hunkin profiles from the Westhunkin family tree GED file.  Some have been merged with my own Hunkin profiles.
by Merryl Hunkin G2G6 (7.9k points)

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