How can you combine X-DNA and mtDNA in WikiTree to draw a conclusion?

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David Freeman GEDmatch A248056 and Donald Lowe GEDmatch T494748  share 36.5 cM on their X-DNA.

Both of their ancestral trees are incomplete.  Can this DNA match help extend their ancestry?

WikiTree shows which ancestors could have contributed to David's X-DNA: and  which ancestors could have contributed to Donald's X-DNA:

Those X-DNA ancestral trees do not reveal any shared ancestry.  However there is a clue.  One of David's X-DNA ancestors is John Roberts Jr. (b. abt 1778) son of Martha.   One of Donald's ancestors is Margaret E. Roberts (b. abt 1795) parentage unknown.  Could John and Margaret be siblings?

Answer:  Both John and Margaret belong to direct maternal lines which have been mtDNA tested.  They don't have matching mtDNA and so they are not siblings.
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I participated in an East Anglia study for Y and mtDNA. The person in charge at the time concluded that my mother's H mtDNA had a few variations from standard that indicated her female line had been in England for a very long time.

The Y-DNA indicated that my father's male line probably came to England after the Romans left or sometime after 400 AD. His ancestor could have been part of an invasion. The Y-DNA was Haplogroup R1b with a positive test result for 312. It was thought that some time long ago I had an ancestor who spent time around the Rhine River Valley.
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They appear to be 2nd Cousins twice removed. They probably share great grandparents. More generally, they appear to be about 6 to 10 degrees removed from each other.

Also, if they are both XY genotypes then the fact that they share DNA on the X chromosome implies you're looking for mutual maternal ancestors. Both of them will be related through their mothers. Do correct me if I am mistaken.

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I don't believe that you should rule out John and Margaret as possible siblings.They may be 1/2 siblings.
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Thanks for pointing that out.  Sincerely,

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