Does any Arkansas Researcher know anything about Tucker Pea Farm?

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I've heard stories about it all my life from a favorite uncle who was known for his tall tales and keeping the kids entertained while Mama and her sisters cooked big meals for get togethers. (28 at the time of my generation)

The Tucker Pea Farm was a prison farming facility. Uncle J would say it was not a place you'd want to go.  Evidently known for its rough treatment of prisoners, and to my understanding not all the bodies have been found.  However, that being said... I can not find any place online about it, only a passing mention with no link associated with the Cummins Facility at  

Any one know anything??  Would you like to do a free space page on it so we can link it to the Arkansas Project?
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Tucker is the prison.  My husband says the Pea Farm handle is a nickname for it.  I believe it is not a maximum security facility.  The inmates have to work the crops.  Yes, there has been harsh treatment there such as whippings with a leather strap.  (My husband knew a man who had been there and he had been whipped).  He didn't go back either!!!

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There has been many things written about the farm.  I remember my grandfather talking about it while I was growing up but the stories were repeats of ones he had heard. One of the links in an Arkansas History site is  that would be a good start of stories. 



by Charles West G2G6 Mach 1 (15.1k points)
Thanks Charles, I have been all over the Encyclopediaofarkansas numerous searches, and didn't find a thing.  And like you, all my stories were handed down. And not originals.
Thats only about the Telephone. Thanks. I was looking for something more about the prison itself.

There are some side links to related stories that may help as well.

The Newsweek issue listed might help but couldn't find it online.

I remember hearing the news as they found more and more about how bad it was. There was even a movie made based on much of what they eventually found to be true.

I know the movie Brubaker was loosely based several prisons in AR, especially Pine Bluff.

There are few if any trial transcripts of early prisoners.

Anything my uncle knew happened before 1956. And he's passed.
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Tucker pea farm I believe was for the prison, I think. I will try to find out more from my mother as she might know about it.
by James Little G2G6 (9.3k points)
Thanks James, I know the pea farm fed the prison, they raised their own foods.  My uncle just referred to it as a place you didn't want to go.

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