Did you know MyHeritage will be starting DNA matching?

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You will be able to upoad your Family Finder, 23andMe, or AncestryDNA results and see who you match. http://blog.myheritage.com/2016/05/myheritage-is-adding-free-dna-matching/
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It's a smart move for them as most people won't understand the difference between matches and DNA cousins (or IBC/IBS vs IBD).

There's nothing written about the capability to do triangulation, it's the same offer basically as Ancestry is offering, just with the exception that you can upload DNA tests from the two other companies.

So it's like Gedmatch without triangulation, just looking at your 1-to-many list.

Obviously they have the power of many family trees behind it but again, people will spend countless hours trying to figure out how they are related when indeed they aren't (in recent times) and just IBC/IBS.

Oh and I find the headline misleading as well (in the usual marketing bla bla that Ancestry is the best at).

Read the small print and realize that their matching service will become a premium service (which obviously means not free!):

We invite such users to export their raw DNA data from the service they tested on (which is straightforward) and import this data to MyHeritage now, so that when our DNA Matching service is released soon, they will receive matches immediately, and at no cost. Later on, DNA Matching may become a premium feature, but it will remain free for users who upload their DNA data now.

It's just free right now because they need DNA samples to build up their algorithm.


As a side note - not really OT - my new website on DNA genealogy tools finally starts it’s beta test on the 1st of June. It will guide the user through the process of triangulation and help him avoid errors (meaning differentiate between IBC/IBS vs IBD). It also offers private groups for all your DNA cousins that descent from a single common ancestor to work collaboratively on finding the MRCA’s and CA. I might want to add that I'm already working with Chris to integrate WikiTree into it but Gedcom upload will come first to give access to everyone to upload their family tree information.

There will be a free version (manual) and paid versions which are semi-automated & fully automated. More to come soon, please bare with me. If you want to know more, email me privately through WikiTree PM (http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Basso-23)


UPDATE 26/5/2016

I'd like to reference to the excellent blog post that Roberta Estes has written about companies in general where one can upload raw DNA data and the specific parts of interest (at least that I think are of interest, please read the whole post) in regards to MyHeritage and it's recent announcement.

Her post: https://dna-explained.com/2016/05/25/beware-the-sale-of-your-dna-just-because-you-can-upload-doesnt-mean-you-should/


Item 7c - DNA Terms of Use:

c. We may transfer, lease, rent, sell, share and/or or otherwise distribute de-identified information to third parties for any purpose, including without limitation, internal business purposes. Whenever we transfer, lease, rent, sell, share and/or or otherwise distribute your information to third parties, this information will be aggregated and personal identifiers (such as names, birth dates, etc.) will be removed.

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Just about every sale that has gone recently has included a 6 month Subscription to My Heritage of some form - this now makes sense.  I loaded a kit to see what it gives back.  I limited the settings for what it is allowed to attach as well as who may join the tree or add to it.  

They have good search engines and auto source notations, but more duplicate profiles than Ancestry from what I am seeing so far.

Will update once it has processed the upload if you would like.
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Quick update.  A day and a half after upload, data is still pending processing.


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Judy Russell has a blog post deconstructing the terms and conditions that you may want to read first:


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