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Hi something a bit strange has happened to a profile.  I was editing a profile for a Prince of Prussia from Hohenzollern dynasty.

I changed his first name (Friedrich) and preferred name (Heinrich) middle names (Heinrich Karl) and CLN (von Preußen) and added information to dates and that seemed to be fine.  I then went to change the LNAB from Charles (his middle name in English) to Hohenzollern (dynasty name) but there seemed to be a problem and there was a message that I didn't have the rights to make changes.

Now when I go to the profile of his brother I can see that he has a brother with the name Friedrich Heinrich Karl (Charles) von Preußen  (the profile I was editing) but when I click on the name it takes me to which basically has no details and nothing in the Changes.

It's like somehow changing the LNAB, created a new profile with just the LNAB and nothing else and somehow it created a double-link (?)

I can only see the Hohenzollern-108 in my Watchlist nothing with a surname Charles.  There seems to be no indication in my Activity Feed that I've made any changes to a Charles profile.

I can easily make the changes to the new Hohenzollern-108 profile but am concerned that somewhere the profile with LNAB Charles still exists.
WikiTree profile: Karl von Preußen
in WikiTree Tech by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (641k points)
retagged by Aleš Trtnik
That's weird, a search shows him as Charles-531 yet it goes to Hohenzollern-108?

It's almost like they have merged into this new one.
Apparently the system created the new profile, wiped the bio in the old one, replaced it with a redirect, then went to disconnect the parents and fell over at that point.

So yes the old one still exists, mostly.  It might be recoverable.
John , I had something similar happen with a profile. It was edited incorrectly. I edited to correct. It was attached to wrong parents. I detached the parents. It was edited again to the incorrect info. When I went to fix it again. Clicking on It sent one to the profile of the incorrect father of the same name. No merges were done. I still don't know what happened.

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by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
thanks Ellen, it's odd that both the last actions are labelled 'last'  Maybe somehow I started the second change while the first was still in progress?

If I undo the very last, or both of the changes will that fix the problem, or will Hohenzollern-108 still be there?
I don't know, but I doubt that you can undo the last edit that supposedly merged the profiles. My guess is that you need to copy the lost content into the current profile.
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Looks like this is still not fixed. 

I wanted to connect Charles-531 to Wikidata page

But I don't want to connect empty page.

Can someone from European Royals and Aristocrats 1500-Present Project fix this.

by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (831k points)

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