How can I contact a human being on your site?

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I signed up with my new laptop. I am Paul Alan Roth-2278. Email address is (deleted for privacy). My laptop crashed last night and I'm using my old desktop Compaq computer. I asked for a temp password, received it but the site won't acknowledge it.??? What do I do now? and why is it so difficult to contact someone for help?
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You are doing the best think you can, there are no Robot question answerers, we're all human.

Sorry, the tech stuff is beyond my pay grade and knowledge.
Hi Paul, Just passing by...........seems we're in the same boat   ......learning as we go........making progress......all's well??  jack

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Sorry...I lost my "cool" for a few moments...My very first laptop and something I did caused it to crash...totally bummed out.

I searched through so many pages trying to find a way to contact someone. Just wish there was a very visible "Contact Us" button somewhere on the site.

Anyway, The temp password I was given looked like it had 2 Vs, when it was a single W...was able to change my password. Thanks for answering. (and not flaring {;-) Blame it on my Senior Moment (I'm 68 and though I've been using computers since 2000, these new laptops are daunting to say the least. So many bells and whistles that are similar but not the same as my old Compaq dinosaur.



by Paul Roth G2G2 (2.1k points)
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Hi Paul,

You will find just about everyone here at wikitree has a warm and friendly attitude towards others. From my experience , no one has ever treated me as a dumbo when I have a "blonde moment" (I used to be blonde so no offense to any blonde people). The forum is always here to post for help and people always answer asap. Personally I like the fact that there are no automated answering facilities and that answers do come from human beings (Guess who hates answering machines that send you around in a loop). I am in your generation and can relate to those moments when all seems to be working against you, but here it all works out in the end.

Welcome to my world and of course to wikitree :)

Thanks Wendy,

I look forward to keep adding to my/our Tree.

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email to explain your situation.
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Hi Paul, we at Wiki are all volunteers.

Contact the WikiTree team at or use this Private Message form.

Please note that this is not for "customer service." As a free, volunteer-based website, we don't have a customer service team to answer questions. If you have a question ask it in our community's genealogist-to-genealogist (G2G) forum. For more personal one-on-one assistance, a volunteer mentor may be able to help you.

Lost Passwords

If you lose your password, simply enter your e-mail address on the login page and click the button that says "E-mail me a password."

You will be e-mailed a temporary password. When you login with your temporary password you will be invited to create a new password.

Changing Your Password

Change your password here: Special:Settings.

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Hi David,

Thanks. My aging eyes mistook a W for 2 Vs. I did change my password and got into the site with this computer..

You are welcome and glad you got logged in.

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