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I understand this was put in place to protect against spammers, but I personally am finding this to be troublesome.

I have gotten on-board with the Database Errors correction project and have made over 3000 (and counting) corrections in the past 6 days.  Most corrections are trivial and do not require direct contact with a Profile Manager (IMO).  However, there are times when I wish to message a PM, and there was a recent thread requesting better communication.  I am locked out daily from contacting anyone either by PM or by commenting on their profile.  I was recently contacted by someone apparently upset by the removal of the word Unknown in a place field - I would like to talk to him about it but can't.

Is there a way to bypass the lockout?  I assume leaders can send unlimited messages.  I am not saying you need to make everyone a leader, but perhaps a there is a way to create a category of WikiTree Genealogists which, once verified (as non-spammers), can send out unlimited messages?
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Talicyn, could you please explain further? What do you mean being locked out after seven edits? Editing profiles ?  I've never heard of such a thing. So I think I must not be understanding you.
Sure, I opened a bunch of profiles that had a Y Death error, and then just kind of "assembly line" edited them, and then all of a sudden there was a big red banner saying I had triggered an emergency block and I could do nothing on Wikitree.

When I emailed, Erin reinstated my account and said that it happened because I made a bunch of edits very quickly, and that about 8 per minute was the threshold.
Ah... Different issue entirely although both caused by our involvement in the db_errors project. Good to know. Not sure they will fix that one. It's in place to prevent vandalism and created as a result of some bad sh&$ some bad people did back when....
Right, I agree.  I just brought it up because I think that its something that could be incorporated into the gedcom import (not allowing Y or Yes as a death date) along with correcting capitalization, and other "housekeeping" style errors that we are fixing.

That way, when we fix these, they won't keep propagating.
Corrections Officers now have an exception. We don't want to slow you guys down; you're doing such great work.

This is hard to test. Please let me know if you're a Corrections Officer (with the badge) and you run into the limit after today.

All Corrections Officers will need to be aware of the warnings here:

It's important that nobody posts/sends too many similar-looking messages.

Thank you Chris!   I love the way WikiTree leaders are responsive to the needs of the community.
Thanks Chris. I will add this warning with correction's officer badge on project page.

So Chris, I do have a standard copy-paste message I like to put in comments of profiles which are privacy protected and so need the profile manager to fix.  How many of these can I put before it becomes a concern?


The message is something like:

The Database Errors Project has identified errors on this profile which may require the Profile Manager to fix due to the Privacy Level setting.  The following link will generate a 5 generation error report to help you find and fix any errors.  Many of the errors are simple quick fixes.

Thank you.

{{db_errors|5|cochoit-2}} <br>

- You may want to set the privacy level to Open on profiles of non-living persons to assist the collaborative effort to improve WikiTree’s Single Family Tree.<br>

- This was identified as a ‘Single Sex marriage’ error.

- Error Reports can now be run from the dropdown menu under any individual’s name in the upper right corner.

Hi Joe,

I'm afraid there's no easy answer to "How many is too many?"

Although many Greeters use them, I'm not comfortable with boilerplate copy-and-paste messages at all. They inevitably look like they were copy-and-pasted.

I recommend always adding some sort of customization to make it personal, and address it to the person, e.g. "Hi Joe ...".

Thanks for doing this, Chris.

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I support this request, as I too am running into this barrier. Are there any plans to increase the number of messages allowed for those with the Corrections Officer badge?
by Leanne Cooper G2G6 Mach 3 (38.6k points)
edited by Leanne Cooper
I second the request.
Yes me too - and members of my COGH team. The problem is not so much the total number of messages received from messages placed in the comment boxes (on which has until now been limited to a certain number a day), but the overall amount of email correspondence from outside WikiTree concerning WikiTree, that needs dealing with in a personal way - it is not spam, it is just a matter of organising one's mailbox.

By the way - what is a "Corrections Officer" ...?

Correction Officers are WikiTree-members with that badge, and are members of the

Ok thanks for the update (I've been too busy this weekend "correcting" to get informed presumably ... :-)

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