Glitch on Pending Merge Page - Clicking on names gives "This page does not exist."

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I was going through my daily routine of finding relevant Pending Merges to clear when I came across two profiles proposed to merge but both having been profile protected:

Privacy Level 60 Pieter Kuykendall (Kuykendall-11) and Privacy Level 60 Pieter Kuykendall (Kuykendall-195)   Compare compare
Proposed by Michelle McQueen.
Approval from Merry Kennedy for Kuykendall-11 has been recorded.
Approval from Michelle Hartley for Kuykendall-195 has been recorded.
You can complete this merge after a final comparison.
      If Kuykendall-11 and Kuykendall-195 are different people, reject the merge.
Last updated 2016-05-18 18:33:21. Pre-1700

On trying to contact Michelle Hartley who is the project leader I believe, I clicked on her name and got this:

This page does not exist.

Same with the other names ...

in WikiTree Tech by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
That merge isn't ready to go. I don't recall why, and I'm on my phone st the moment, so it's too much trouble to check. Project protection will prevent it from being completed until the issues are resolved.
Yes that beacme clear to me and that's why I was trying to contact Michelle, but came across this issue with the hyperlinks to the names (WikiTree managers) not working on this specific page.
This  has been an ongoing problem for months, at least.
Understood, Philip. I commented because I had looked at the merge yesterday, and it was clear why it wasn't ready to go, although I don't remember the particulars. No point in bothering Michelle about it at the moment.
I only discovered it today unfortunately when I tried to contact Michelle who is both the manager of one of (both) protected profiles that have been cleared to go and the project leader. That's how it happened. I did not try and contact her about the Glitch. Next time I'll just match the looped merge proposals.
That was an easy fix. Thanks for reporting it, Philip.

S., did you report this already? If so, let me know where. Thanks!
I didn't report it Chris, sorry.

1 Answer

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Same for me.  The link is using person's first name rather than lastname-####.  So they''ll have to fix the code.
by Living Anonymous G2G6 Mach 4 (47.5k points)
Links in emails also fail to work when the target profile is a name with a space in it. The space gets interpreted as a + when it should be an _.

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