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The current bio for Stodor-3 is more or less a synopsis of the English Wikipedia article for her and among the three I have evaluated (German, Czech, and English) probably the least reliable. There is a lot of conjecture without sources and unsupported by newer research. For that reason I would like to replace it with the following text:

Drahomíra was a princess of the Stodorans also known as Hevelli or Hevellians, a Slavic tribe occupying Stodor,<ref>[http://www.academia.edu/8767252/Das_Land_Stodor._Eine_Studie_zu_Struktur_und_Wandel_der_slawenzeitlichen_Siedlungsräume_im_Havelland_und_in_der_nördlichen_Zauche_Dissertation_Kiel_2011_ Das Land Stodor]</ref> an area around Brandenburg in what is today Eastern Germany, from the 8th century onwards. She was born around 890 as the daughter of an unknown Stodoran prince. About 906 she married [[Přemyslovci-6|Vratislav I]], duke of Bohemia.<ref>[http://www.dmgh.de/de/fs1/object/display/bsb00000683_00120.html?sortIndex=010%3A060%3A0002%3A010%3A00%3A00&zoom=0.75&leftTab=PER_ent ''Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Boemorum'']</ref> They had at least six children, including [[Přemyslovci-2|Wenceslas]], [[Premyslid-5|Boleslav]] and [[Princess of Bohemia-3|Přibislava]].<ref>Detlev Schwennicke: Europäische Stammtafeln, Neue Folge, Band I.2, Tafel 176, Verlag: Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt a. M. 2000</ref> [[Přemyslovci-7 Spytihněv]] is considered another possible son who must have died in childhood, and some historians speculate that Střezislava, the wife of Slavník, founder of the Slavník dynasty was one of her other unnamed daughters.<ref>Loserth, Johann (2008). "Propast hrvatske kneževske obitelji Slavnikovića" [The collapse of Croatian princely family Slavniković]. In Nosić, Milan. Bijeli Hrvati II [White Croats II] (in Croatian). Maveda. pp. 168–169, quoted in [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drahom%C3%ADra#cite_ref-1 Wikipedia article: Drahomíra]</ref><br/>

After her husband's death in 921 she became regent of Bohemia until her oldest son [[Přemyslovci-2|Wenceslas]] reached the age of majority in 924 or 925. Her mother-in-law [[Pšov-3|Ludmila]], however, was put in charge of educating her sons. This situation led to considerable enmity between her and [[Pšov-3|Ludmila]], worsened by apparently different political allegiances of the two. Bohemia had been aligned with Arnulf, duke of Bavaria against the Saxon Henry the Fowler, but in 921 Arnulf recognized the sovereignty of Henry putting Bohemia in a bind. Apparently [[Pšov-3|Ludmila]] supported a rapprochement with Saxony whereas Drahomíra opposed such a move. Ultimately these differences ended in the murder of [[Pšov-3|Ludmila], instigated by Drahomíra.<ref>[https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drahom%C3%ADra_ze_Stodor Svatá Ludmila a Drahomíra ze Stodor]</ref>

When [[Přemyslovci-2|Wenceslas]] came to power he sent his mother into exile, though he recalled her again in 925. After [[Přemyslovci-2|Wenceslas]] was killed in September 929 or 935 by a group of nobles allied to his brother [[Premyslid-5|Boleslav]], she fled to the Chorvati. This tribe is only mentioned three times in historical sources, one of which is the source mentioning her exile there.<ref>[http://www.dmgh.de/de/fs1/object/display/bsb00000683_00120.html?sortIndex=010%3A060%3A0002%3A010%3A00%3A00&zoom=0.75&leftTab=PER_ent ''Cosmae Pragensis Chronica Boemorum''], Monumenta Germaniae Historica</ref>


Since the profile is Project Protected I would like some input before this change. Also, the project would need to disconnect her father for whom there is no source.

WikiTree profile: Drahomíra ze Stodor
in Genealogy Help by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (552k points)
The biography looks good Helmut.

If the fathers name is found often on online websites, the it is a good idea to put a statement on her biography that there are no primary sources to support him as her father.  Perhaps under an unverified parents heading.
I'm the profile manager for both Spytihnev and Pribislava and can make appropriate changes to their profile names according to the standards that have been agreed upon for other profiles in this family.

However excuse my ignorance, but is Přemyslovci spelled the same for both males and females?
Přemyslovci is the dynastic name but technically a plural. A single male Přemyslid would be a Přemyslovec, a female a Přemyslovna.

I really have not found any on-line tree naming the father. Almost everything is "NN of Lutic", "prince of Lutic", etc. I have, however, not checked Ancestry since I am not a subscriber. My hunch is that the father (Luticz (Stoder) Stodor) is the result of a misreading of the tribal name for his personal name and as such it appears to be very infrequent in on-line genealogies.

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All about project protected profiles can be found here: What is a Project-Protected Profile (PPP)?

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

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