Can this PPP Unknown profile be merged

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Can this profile be merged into Greenleaf-654 or the merge that is currently approved. I am asking because I don't have a clue about how to proceed with merges with Unknows. Because of so much conflicting info. If so can Some one who does have a clue do the merge please.
WikiTree profile: Susan Markham
in Policy and Style by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
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Trudy, please re read both profiles. They both indicate she was first *married* to a Greenleaf, not that her maiden name was Greenleaf. Hence the PPP on Unknown.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (822k points)
Okay. I just read the profiles of the various candidates, including Unknown, Greenleaf, Warren and Markham. It seems like the controversy is: Who did the widow of Robert Greenleaf marry? Thomas Warren or Thomas Markham?

At the moment, the sources supporting Thomas Warren *appear* to be more solid than the sources supporting Thomas Markham but there is a "rant" that implies an error was made somewhere. Unfortunately, the rant does an insufficient job of citing its own sources; while it encourages us to review original records, not published ones, the rant does not cite those original records. But the profile making the case for Warren DOES.

So... as things stand, the case for Susannah Unknown, widow of Robert Greenleaf, marrying Thomas Warren appears stronger.

If the proponents of the Markham connection want to make their case, they've got some work to do, finding and citing the original records they want us to review.

And nowhere did I see evidence supporting a maiden name of Greenleaf for Susannah, no matter which Thomas she married. One of the supposed duplicates offers a set of parents but the sources used are those horrid creations.

If I missed something, my apologies.
Looks to me like the error was in the original Virginia patent books.  Both Thomas Warren and Thomas Markham were entered as having patented the same land, some of which came by right of having married Susan Greenleafe, the widow of Robert Greenleafe.

Here is the little clue I found.  All the Warren and Markham entries were made between 1635 and 1637, first the entry for Warren and then two for Markham, exactly one year apart (possibly to correct the date?).

Then in 1652, John Greenhough patented 400 acres next to the property of Thomas Markham, (and the description includes enough detail to tell it is indeed next to that earlier patent).  It's circumstantial, but does seem to hint that the correct name of Susan's 2nd husband was Thomas Markham.
Jilliane I have READ both profiles.  And an excessive about of research. Which is stated in a previous post , which I believe can be seen under this one in the feed. My point is. They are the same person , can the profiles be merged. And the massive amount of work that needs to be none be done on one profile. This profile has been a mess for a long time. At least since I came on wikitree. When she was attached tobWarren-1125. It is well known that I have difficulty with wikitree policy, which is why I asked the question. But I dont see anyone else working on this mess. Im trying. Which is why I asked in another post if profiles could be recommended to the Improvement Project. These arent my profiles anyway.
Susan Greenleaf was the first profile I really tried to get squared away. I made a bunch of mistakes but I stuck with it. I was the the profile I was working on when I got my first really nasty , nasty email from another PM. About  "  how we all wish we could be related to royalty but.."  I the email that taught me to check out the work of people who complain in a nasty manner.  Their work is usually as bad as their attitude. Anyway. This profile and the John Warren and Thomas Warren attached need serious work. If anyone wants to work on Susan look into her last name at birth being Warren. There are records for Thomas Markem that state he married Suzzana Warren. There are some indications she might have been a Radcliff. I don't want to work this anymore. I don't have the skills.
Okay, Trudy; we'll try to find additional help for this set of profiles. Posting to g2g was the right thing to do. (I still don't see the evidence for changing Susannah's last name, though.)

Cynthia, and anyone else reading:

There are a number of statements on Thomas Warren's profile that need citations:

I also just looked at Cavaliers & Pioneers and concur that there is more evidence that Susan, widow of Robert Greenleaf, was married not to Thomas Warren but to Thomas Markham, and that the page 34 entry for Thomas Warren is in error.
Looks like Cynthia, RJ and myself are doing various cleanup and proposing merges.

I've detached Thomas Warren and his sons from Susan Unknown and married her to Thomas markham. I see there's a slew of Susan Greenleafs proposed as merges with her.
Thank You all.
Assuming all four proposed merges are accepted I think we can close this topic now, yes?

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