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Working on db_errors where the names, and often locations, are entered in ALL CAPS.   However, I am hesitant to change the Last Name At Birth (LNAB) because I believe this forces a redirect.  Would it be better to change an entire family line at one time, through a program? [Just ran in to HARVILLE family]

Changing the entries for men without changing LNAB resulted in their being listed as Paul (HARVILLE) Harville.  That does not look good.  What is the best option here?  -NGP
in Policy and Style by Nanette Pezzutti G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
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Related: if the surname is UNKNOWN, it was decided (somewhere way back when) NOT to rename it to Unknown, even though Unknown is preferred.
Should I exclude UNKNOWNS from ALL CAPS checking?

And for Error 108.
I know I've seen changes of UNKNOWN to Unknown, so maybe the decision not to change isn't that well known (no pun intended).
I would think other priorities rise above changing UNKNOWN to Unknown. Time fixing that particular problem would be better spent finding a real name for the person. JMHO.
I agree.  I have not changed any UNKNOWNs.

Did you ever act on this? The question has come up again if we should be changing UNKNOWN to Unknown.

I don't really remember. Since then the error was replaced with 7xx suggestions.

After checking the code, the case is not checked at all in any name field. Such checks can be added, but I don't remember why they weren't already. Probably there was some reason. Or not.

You can request this suggestions in Data Doctors Google Group and we will see other opinions.
And how about UNK or Unk? Should those be changed to Unknown?
I'm fairly certain those should be changed if you're certain it is not a valid surname which it might be.

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If LNAB is generating the error, then maybe excluding UNKNOWN with all caps is the answer.  If the current first or last name is also in CAPS or is comprised of characters rather than initials, I assume it will still generate an error.  What about foreign character sets in the name fields?  What should be done with them?
by Jim Vondrak G2G6 Mach 1 (11.2k points)
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Is there a reason EDITBOT Can't be used to do case fixes?  No information is being changed it is a case change only.  

And is Unk always an abbreviation or is it some  times  a real last name
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (846k points)
It is usually an abbreviation for Unknown. However have found some cases, e.g., Netherlands, where it is a valid last name. So be careful.

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