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Since my last update May 2, the Puerto Rican Roots project has continued to grow. We've added three new project members, and we're up to 1,772 profiles tagged to the category "Puerto Rican Roots". Earlier this month we added categories for immigrants to Puerto Rico, and now we've added categories for the 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico. Each category page includes contact information for the oldest parish church in the municipality, as that's where you'd look for early records not found in the civil registers. See an example for Aguadilla. By categorizing our ancestors in their hometowns, we can see which of their neighbors are present on WikiTree, and discover which members are working in the same areas.

Right now 242 of these profiles have no sources attached. There's still a week left in the Sourceror's Challenge for May 2016, so you're very welcome to visit the category Puerto Rico Unsourced Profiles to help us whittle down that list.

While the percentage of profiles across WikiTree that are connected to our global tree is still approaching 74.7%, the percentage of connected profiles we've tagged to the Puerto Rican Roots project is just 26.6%. It's better than the 17% we had on May 2, but still almost 3/4 of the Puerto Rican profiles are linked to close family members but not to the rest of us. Some ways you can help us build stronger connections include...

  • Adding your Puerto Rican cousins and in-laws and cousin's in-laws and adding the template {{Puerto Rican Roots}} where applicable. You'll want to search carefully for duplicates, keeping in mind that your Tio Pedro might be entered as Torres-1, Torres_Diaz-1, Torres-Diaz-1, or Torres_y_Diaz-1. Try searching Torres* to catch all the variants.
  • Adding family members for the folks in Category: Puerto Rico Unconnected Profiles. You can remove the category once we've found a connection.
  • Adding your favorite notables from the island - I've started with Category: Puerto Rico Governors. Did you know that artist Jean-Michel Basquiat's mother had Puerto Rican roots? Perhaps we can discover her connection to our global family tree.

You're very welcome to join our project to improve the profiles of folks with ties to Puerto Rico. Just contact Karen Tobo or Patrick Barnum and ask for the project badge. 

in Requests for Project Volunteers by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (157k points)

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How do you add people to the municipalities?  Will they be added automatically? I see Salinas has one person.  I also have entered family members into the wiki tree from Salinas.
by Sandra Pellegrini G2G1 (1.0k points)
S, we add folks to the municipalities by adding text like this to the top of the biography section:

[[Category: Salinas, Puerto Rico]]

There's no function that does this automatically. You're welcome to add your relatives to the categories.
Thank You so much Karen Tobo It worked. I will continue to do this with the rest of my profiles.  Definitely a great idea to subcategorize by towns in Puerto Rico.
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This week I added navigational aids to the municipality categories so you can browse to neighboring regions. It's a handy way to see which areas your ancestors might have migrated to if they made a short move down the road.

See for instance Aguadilla, where Rosie Perez' Serrano relatives lived:

If you spot a typo, feel free to correct it! On an island where the municipality borders often follow rivers and ridgelines, I had to make some judgements about which direction to choose for some of the neighboring municipalities. Let me know if you would classify something differently! I think the next step will be to add maps highlighting each municipality.
by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (157k points)

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