How many Rebecca Duttons?

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I seem to have a theme going where I start researching a name, only to find that there are multiple people in the same era and same geographic area with the same name.  Naturally, these individuals are often confused with each other.  Last night's name was Rebecca Dutton.  I started out by noticing that is often confused with  However, as I've dug into the records, I find that Rebecca, the daughter of Thomas Dutton Jr. seems to have married Daniel Shed and I have her married to Thomas Millard.  Neither husband died young so....  And Dutton-258 married Daniel Gates.  Hm.  We need another Rebecca Dutton (if that name is correct).  I believe another FreeSpace page is in order here to keep track of all this, which I will create and update this thread as I learn more.

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I have some Duttons in that era at about that time, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this!

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Well, as I sometimes do, I went looking to see if I had Duttons as relatives,and this time it turned out I do.  My 3ggrandfather, Amos Parker had a daughter Sarah Ann Parker b 1818 who married John William Dutton b1817.  They lived in Perry, Ohio, USA  Sarah's sister Mary is the one I descend from through her daughter Leafy Agnes Conrad (Miller)
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I have Dutton Family. Never researched them. Direct Cousins Seen it out of respect.. We have 2 geneologists in the family.  Always thought my aunt would.


Do you mind if I take a look??
Does this Dutton line stem to Indiana?
The Duttons have spread all over.  There is a major street in my home town of Santa Rosa, California called Dutton Avenue.  I'm not sure who it's named after, but it's probably some relative of the Duttons we're referring to.
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A wrinkle here, which I discovered last night is that it's clear that Ruth Dutton (, who I believe is the sister of Rebecca Dutton-258 (though they are not currently connected on WikiTree as such), married Thomas Millard Jr., the son of Thomas and Rebecca (supposedly Dutton) Millard.  There's clearly a relationship between these families. I just wonder now if a previous genealogist had it in the wrong generation.  

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This appears to be one of them.  Rebecca daughter of Thomas and widow Rebecca Draper Dutton.

Henry Allen Hazen. History of Billerica With a Genealogical Register: (p. 131)  : Daniel Shed (son of Daniel) born  Feb. 27,1672/3: married  Rebecca Dutton daughter  of Thomas on Dec. 17, 1706.  He died on Dec 29, 1715  and she married second,  Nicholas Sprake.

Vital Records of Billerica Massachusetts: Births: Dutton, Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], d. Thomas Jr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Nov. 13, 1679. [Rebeccah, ch. Thomas and Rebeccah. MR] (p. 68) Shed, Daniel, s. Daniel Jr, [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Feb. 27, 1672. (p. 171)

Marriages: Dutton, Thomas Jr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca] Draper, wid., of Concord, Jan. 1, 1678-9.* [Rebeccah. MR]  (p. 249)

Dutton, Rebecka [dup Rebeckah] and Daniel Ssed [Shed] Jr.  Dec 17, 1708 [dup. 1706] (p. 249: p. 313)

Sprake, Nicholas and and Rebeckah Shed June 1, 1724. (p. 318)

Billerica Deaths: Shed, Daniel, Dec. 29, 1715. (p. 392)
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Yes, that's one of them.  I need to fix her marriage, though because currently she's married to Thomas Millard and that can't be right.
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TAG; V. 22: p. 145: Thomas Millard, born June 23, 1678, son of Humphrey, married Rebecca ___. goes on to say not Rebecca (Dutton) daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Fitch) Dutton who actually married Daniel Gates.

Gives their children, including Thomas Jr. who married Ruth Dutton. who was the daughter of Joseph and Mary (Cutler-Smith) Dutton. p. 146. (requires subscription)
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Yeah, this is the problem.  I'm finding secondary sources that indicate that Joseph Dutton's daughter Rebecca married Thomas Millard Sr., but I'm wondering if they mixed this situation up because the actual connection is that Joseph's daughter Ruth married Thomas Millard Jr.

While if there are sources to back this. Then add said sources


Person A born Date <ref name="Birth" /><ref name="Obituary" />. Person A was the child of [[PageID|Person B]]<ref name="Birth" /><ref name="Death" /><ref name="Obituary" /> & [[PageID|Person C]<ref name="Birth" /><ref name="Death" /><ref name="Obituary" />. 

Person A married [[PageID|Person E]] on date, where?<ref name="Marriage1" />. (in the case of more then one husband) only married once k.i.s.s (keep it simple, seriously). 

Person A married [[PageID|Person F]] on date, where?<ref name="Marriage2" />. 

Person A died in this year in this area.<ref name="Death" /><ref name="Obituary" />. 


* Birth of <ref name="Birth">[Put webpage links in me]<br>Describe what I am for footnotes</ref>

* Marriage of <ref name="Marriage">[]<br></ref

* Marriage of <ref name="Marriage1">[]<br></ref>

* Marriage of <ref name="Marriage2">[]<br></ref>

* Death of <ref name="Death">[]<br></ref>

* Obituary of <ref name="Obituary">[]<br></ref>

=== Footnotes ===

<references />

=== Acknowledgments ===

FYI: Two different Joseph Duttons noted above

Joseph Dutton married Mary-Cutler Smith had RUTH - married Millard.

Joseph Dutton married Rebecca Fitch - had Rebecca - married Gates.

That doesn't jive with this probate record for Joseph Dutton, listing both Ruth Millard and Rebecca Gates as daughters of Joseph Dutton of Haddam, CT.  I'm not sure who their mothers were, but both appear to be daughters of the same Joseph Dutton:

I'm getting there, Amy, I just work a little slower when I have controversies like these.

Did the father remarry????

Billerica Births

Dutton, Rebecca, d. Joseph and Rebecca, Aug. 13, 1686. [Rebekah, d. Joseph and Rebekah MR] (p. 68)

Transcription of East Haddam VR. Dutton:

  • Ruth, dau Joseph & Mary, b Aug 14, 1704
  • Ruth, m Thomas MILLERD Jr., July 16, 1724

Joseph and his two wives .

I know, not a good source, but just doing a quick look to see what's up.  Needs confirmation, but would make some sense.  Chris

TAG Vol. 19 (1942-3) p. 203- : The Family of Matthew Smith of Charlestown, Massachusett:  See pp. 205-7

in brief:

Joseph Dutton  married first Rebecca (Merriam) Fitch widow of Samuel Fitch.  Had Rebecca, married Daniel Gates.

Joseph married 2nd Mary (Cutler) Smtih, widow of Matthew Smith Jr.  Had Ruth. b. East Haddam, married Thomas Millard.

So these families are related through Matthew Smith Jr. wife - Mary Cutler Smith Dutton. .

Thomas Millard was the son of Humphrey Millard and Elizabeth Smith: Elizabeth is the daughter of Matthew Smith Jr. and Mary Cutler!

( Requires subscription)
You've got access to better sources than me, Chris.  But it's all starting to come together.  I'm still left wondering if Thomas Millard Sr.'s wife Rebecca may not have been a Dutton even though everyone seems to think she was.
This gets worse, more confusing !!! The American Genealogist: Vol. 22  Humprhey Millard of Reading ... the Mathews (1) (2) (3) are numbered differently in these issues.

see p. 145-7.

Humphrey Millard married Elizabeth Smith  = b. Woburn 1658, daughter of Mathew Smith.

Their son Thomas Millard Sr. b. 1678 married  Rebecca ___.

Thomas Jr. Millard married Ruth Dutton  daughter of Joseph and Mary (Cutler-Smith) Dutton.

TAG: Vol 19: (1942-3) Family of Mathew Smith of Charlestown:  p.

Mathew Smith (2) had a son Mathew (3) and a daughter Elizabeth.

Elizabeth married Humphrey Millard and had Thomas Millard.

Mathew (3) married 2nd Mary Cutler.  This Matthew died in 1690.

Mary Cutler Smith married second, as his second wife, Joseph Dutton.

They had Ruth who married Thomas Millard Jr.

Joseph Dutton's 1st wife was Rebecca Merriam Fitch, widow of Samuel Fitch.

They had Rebecca who married Daniel Gates.
Now, don't go introducing the Smiths into this!  I still haven't figured out all the Duttons yet.  We've got enough Smith researchers on WikiTree, let them figure all these Mathews out.  ;)
My thoughts EXACTLY!

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