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Firstly may I say that I do appreciate all the time and diligent effort put into approving Gedcoms for addition into the global tree.

My issue with my Gedcom(s) is this: On 5th May I approved and uploaded for approval a small Gedcom of just 39 profiles. The main reason for this was to see how the system actually worked and to see if it was something I would prefer to do in the future. I followed the instructions very carefully then sat back and waited. According to the page if nothing has been heard after 48 hours it is wise to send an email which I did and received the automated response which was fine. After waiting a week I figured it was not going anywhere for some reason so I deleted it and intend to manually add those profiles when I go back to that branch of the tree.

Whilst waiting for that Gedcom to be approved I had started adding a few profiles to another branch of the tree and subsequently got sidetracked to one profile which I had began researching quite awhile ago. I went back over my research and made another small Gedcom of about 160 profiles which I uploaded and checked and approved for import on 20th May.

The same thing appears to be happening again and I am now wondering if in fact there is a "flaw" in the fabric of the actual gedcom and that even though it seems to have winged its way to be approved it actually has gone on vacation somewhere in cyberspace. My Gedcoms were created from my Ancestry tree. Is anyone else having hiccups with Ancestry Gedcoms?

Again this was for seeing how things worked, I actually prefer manual additions and i don't think I would save any time by uploading a gedcom after having to re-edit all the profiles, besides which there is more chance of catching typos or reseach errors by manually adding.


in WikiTree Tech by Wendy Sullivan G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
This isn't an answer. I'd like to join the discussion because I cannot figure out how to add [upload? import?] a GEDCOM to the site data. The 'Help' info is not clear. Uploading just generates a compare list. I'm starting with a small file too. Can anyone help?

Thank you,

Mona, you have to use the compare list to check and see if there are any of your relatives/ancestors already on wikitree. Any possibilities will have a trio of small icons to the right of the name. You must click the first one to compare side by side the most relevant information that may match your ancestor. If any of this looks the same then check further into the matching profile to see if it is a perfect (or close to perfect) match. If it is a match then you click the option to collaborate on that profile and not make a duplicate. Any children of that ancestor should also be skipped for the same reason. Any profile without a birth and a death date should be skipped as should ancestors with birth dates pre 1700 (unless you have the pre 1700 badge)

You should go through your complete Gedcom and check each profile that has a possibility. Then once complete send it up for approval by clicking the large green button at the bottom of your compare page.

If anything is needed to be re-evalued you will get a personal email telling you what needs to be done or you will receive an email saying it has been approved and your ancestors will be found in your watchlist under the "my wikitree" at the top of your screen

Hope this helps a bit :)
Hi, I would like to comment, as this recently happened to me also. I asked this question a couple of days ago, which I will soon be sending this same reply to, as the answer given was to follow the directions on the site. I had followed those instructions and clicked on the "large green button" for approval. I also saw the message that if it had not been approved after 48 hours to send an e-mail, which I did do (actually a week later), which was answered as I stated above. I never received an e-mail regarding my submital after I accepted all merges or had it create the duplicates necessary to compare them later.


Hi Michael,

I checked and I did email you shortly after you submitted your GEDCOM about what needed to happen for it to be approved.  I'll go ahead and forward it to you now.  If you don't get it, please let me know.


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From what I can tell from the GEDCOM rules (located here: )

The GEDCOM has to be manually reviewed by a WikiTree GEDCOM Manager. According to the documentation, there's only 1 right now - Eowyn. If I had to guess, she's backed up on these reviews, but she'll get to it as soon as she possibly can.

And as to your question, you can definitely try to send her mail and she should be able to respond - however, my guess is that if she is backed up on reviewing GEDCOM's, then she might be a bit backed up on mail too.

At least this is my best guess on why things are a little behind.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Thank you for your reply Scott :)

I did expect it was most likely a backlog, which is quite understandable. I really do appreciate all that Eowyn does for Wikitree and to be honest I don't know how she stretches a 24 hour day into 72 hours to get so much done. She is an amazing person!! I hold my hands up and admit that sometimes my impatience runs away with me, but I was more concerned about the possibility of something being awry with my actual Gedcom creation. (I have had a similar experience with a totally unrelated piece of software in the past).

Checking in today I see my gedcom has been approved - Thank you Eowyn so my curiosity has been satisfied. Really nice to see a branch of the tree sprout more twigs but after seeing the gobbledy gook generated that needs to be cleaned up, I am leaning more towards manual additions. I think I am enjoying the experience more that way.

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