Slavic Roots umbrella project (Calling all Russians, Ukrainians, and any and all Slavs)

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Hello!  Today  Summer Orman and I established a free space umbrella project "Slavic Roots" as a space for collaboration between our respective free space Russian Roots and Ukrainian Roots projects.

We welcome and invite the involvement of any wikitree members interested in any branch of the Slavic People as we establish a home for this collaboration.   If you've already got a project brewing that would fit under the Slavic umbrella - please join with us and list your project under the related projects heading.  (You may need to request trusted access to edit the free space project page.)

We also invite Russian and Ukrainian members to join the respective sub-projects we've established.

Please follow the slavic_roots G2G tag to stay up-to-date on project developments and please signify your interest and support for this effort so we may list you among our membership  -- this will help us to recruit a leader by demonstrating that the community needs and wants this project.  

If you are a Wikitree Leader inclined to support this, please let us know!

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My Slavic ancestry is medieval. Like many Europeans, I descend from the marriage of Vladimir Monomakh of Kiev and Gytha, daughter of Harold II of England (defeated at Hastings By William the Conqueror). Not sure if you classify Vladimir as Russian, Ukrainian or simpy Rus.

Welcome to the project -- Thankfully we have the umbrella under which to sort out any cases that may be tricky, it can serve a catch-all as well.
My Husbands family are Ukrainian decent.  And because i cant read or speak it, its very hard for me to research.

Mother in law told me the germans destoyed all the records.

Ive got back to abt 1850 in Dolyna or Dolina. Franko Oblast.

Names being Pavljuk  ,Sokolovskey, Kalenjuk, Lavriv, Krehvskey

Pavljuk and Kalenjuk migrated to Bosnia Yugoslavia abt 1900. Then from Bosnia to Australia via Italy 1953-1960's.

Im Happy to watch and learn.
Many are in a similar situation, welcome!

Can you please tell me what the difference is between

Russian Roots

Slavic Roots

Which should I apply for JEWISH Lithuanian ancestors from before 1918, when it was still grand Duchy of Lithuania and not a republic?

Slav is an umbrella term for all those who share a common ancestor in Eastern Europe and speak related languages: eg Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene etc. They were once one huge ethnic group that gradually split into subtribes. The Hungarians and Romanians do not fit into the term "Slav". Hungarian is only related to one other language: Finnish. Romanians speak a Romance language (ie their language descends from Latin).
Lithuanian and Latvian are not Slavic languages, and neither are their peoples Slavs. They belong to the Eastern Baltic peoples. They are related to the Slavs, in that they share a common ancestral group, but were distinct in language before they entered Europe.

Thanks Susan

I am still a little lost as to what tags and categories should go into my family bios for LITHUANIA

Is there a BALKAN BALTIC - tag, category or?

At one stage in history, Lithuania was the largest country, so that adds more spice to the mix of language and cultural evolution.  The Jews came and went, depending who was in power.

I need to remove any SALV mentions and replace them with ???

Internal classification[edit]

The traditional division into two distinct sub-branches (i.e. Slavic and Baltic) is mostly upheld by scholars who accept Balto-Slavic as a genetic branch of Indo-European.[14][3][15] There is a general consensus that the Baltic languages can be divided into East Baltic (Lithuanian, Latvian) and West Baltic (Old Prussian). The internal diversity of Baltic points at a much greater time-depth for the breakup of the Baltic languages in comparison to the Slavic languages.[4][16]

"Traditional" Balto-Slavic tree model


West Baltic

East Baltic


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Thanks Michael, I know we can do this.  We will run with this and make it great!
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 9 (95.6k points)
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I'm really happy to see this -- one side of my husband's family is from Slovakia.
by Nan Starjak G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
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Nice going, Michael ! And very much needed. I have been working on my Eastern European roots here. Is Magyar roots under it ?
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
My knowledge on this is more from a linguistic point of view.  With that caveat, it is my understanding that Hungarians/Magyar's would not consider themselves Slavic - my searches on both terms indicate "not slavic" ...  I'd be happy to help you set up a free space if desired.
You are correct and Hungary, Magyarország would not go under that project umbrella.

Thanks. I will go ahead and set up a MAGYAR ROOTS project.
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I would like to see a DNA project. The coverage for our area is not good. On the other side I can compare trees and find matches. On this side the tree only goes back 2 or 3 generations. I have 3rd and 4th cousins matches, but I don't know where. A couple of them match surnames of my great-grandmothers. The common matches are probably related. The techniques must be different. Is anyone working on this?
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
Sue Hall, there are a few private Facebook groups dealing with the DNA of the Polish/Ukrainian area. There are several groups attached to cultural areas, although the only DNA projects are Lemko Ancestry and DNA, and Our Ukrainian DNA. They are found in the Ancestor Projects section at  

My experience (not reading Ukrainian, Polish, or Russian) with this is that the research is difficult--using church records, mostly (many of the records are in Latin, however). The Lemko DNA project is for the one specific geographic area of Galicia (from which area my grandparents came). I am actively doing research with the Greek Orthodox catholic records, but I can't yet handle a specific One-Place Study. I would like to eventually do such a study for "Ustrzyki Dolne" region in (now) SE Poland.
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I have SLAV SERB Blood ill help.
by Rick Goughenour G2G Crew (560 points)
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Hello there,

I definately have slavic roots through my Grandfather, please add me to the project and I will enter my Slavic roots into the project. My roots are not midieval. I have Soltis as my slavic root surname.
by Living Bostick G2G6 (7.7k points)

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