Why can't I find the answer to my question before I ask it?

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I have questions and each time I ask them I'm referred to the already answered ones. Which is fine. I started to look for answers before asking, but never seem to phase it right.  After my question is posted -0 usually the next one is almost exactly what I needed. How can I find it before asking? This last time I just closed my question.  Is that the answer? :)  Thank you!
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Barbara, This is one of my favorite wikitree sites, it has a huge list of free places to look for Free Source, Maps, Training, general & specific help pages: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Kitty%27s_Library . I helped build the quantity of sources in it as I searched through many pages of Unanswered Questions & Answered Questions in G2G. Many questions are already answered. I use the empty box to the left of the grey button, at the top of this page "Search G2G", try searching your desired topic. I hope this helps you... if not it is always ok to ask here in G2G :)

You can also type in a search for google, "a name" with or without a date & a space & then wikitree then enter ;)
Thanks, John, I tried it and it works!!

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Hi Barbara.  Here are a couple of suggestions.

1)  Spend a little time going through the help file and it's index, and become familiar with what's there and how it's indexed.  There's quite a bit of info, but it's sometimes hard to find.  I think there has been some recent work on trying to improve the index, so give it a try.

2)  You can also search previous G2G discussions, using key words in your questions, by typing the key words in the "Search G2G" box at the top of the page.

3)  Some members have had a lot of success with using Google to search this site.  If you type "site:www.wikitree.com" (without the quotes), and then the search parameters, in the Google search box, the results will show only the relevant matches at this site.  More detail at


I'm sure others will have a lot more ideas.  Good luck.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
Thanks Dennis, one thing about wikitree is there is always a way to find the answer!  Sometimes you just doing want to be pest.  Thanks for the link, too.
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Don't worry about pulling up the answer once you've stated the question.  In the first place, it will probably be something others need to see or be reminded of.  And while you may like the old advice, new answers may show you shortcuts or examples or clearer ways to understand what to do.  OTOH, following the previous advice can speed up your question - answer cycle time.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
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Barbara , Hi , in the green box where you ask your question there is a listing of previously asked questions that will be similar to the ones you ask.  You can review them before you ask your question. You can check out the answers there. Maybe it will help you out. I often forget they are there.
by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (201k points)
AHA!  So it is!  That was easy!  Thanks for your answer, too.  You guys really rock.
You are most welcome Barbara.
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Often when another contributor points you to an existing question it's because they remembered the question and knew where to find it.

Human memory still works better than a search engine, at least some of the time.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

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