How does one merge profiles with Unknown-XYZ [closed]

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While attempting to connect the unconnected profiles on my watchlist, I have come across a few cases where another member has inadvertently created a 2nd profile for the same person with LNAB as 'Unknown' or 'not known'

One such example is while attempting to merge Unknown-309681 into Buckenham-7 I get a message telling me that Unknown-309681 is not a valid Wikitree ID so they cannot be merged.  How does one manage such a situation? They are in fact the same person, but the merge tool will not merge them.

I edited my version of Elizabeth Unknown, generated by importing my family tree gedcom, to show her LNAB as Buckenham and the result was Buckenham-7. When replacing her LNAB with Buckenham, I explained that her LNAB was not available. Is this a reasonable procedure?
WikiTree profile: John Buckenham
in Policy and Style by Living Ringer G2G6 (7.6k points)
closed by Keith Hathaway
I looked at the merge, are you saying both people have the identical surname and married?
Yes, both profiles represent the same person, they are the result of a Gedcom import only her First name wS known and her DoB, not her LNAB
Ah okay understand it now - her surname is still unknown but you have specific dates.

I noticed one profile only had one child and the other had several children.

Have you contacted the person who created the first profile?

I'm reluctant to initiate the merge myself as I'm not familiar with either of the profiles.  Hopefully someone will come along and can assist you further.
I was the person who created the earlier profile

So the later profile should be merged into my earlier one, but the merge cannot apparently be performed because when I try to do it I get the message that their IDs are invalid Wikitree IDs

So to come back to my original question, ' how does one merge profiles like  '"UNKNOWN-xyz"? '

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At this stage what I would recommend go into the profile of 'unknown' click EDIT.  Scroll down to where it states the surname 'unknown' edit that to the correct name.  You then have a name.

Once you have the name - do a merge.

Someone may come along and provide a better answer but for me that is the quickest simplest way.
by Living Bowling G2G6 Mach 6 (66.0k points)
No, please don't do that. A rename is the same as a merge. So you'd be doing two merges resulting in undesirable redirects. Steven, do you know for certain what her last name at birth was? If not, then Unknown should be the target of the merge.
Hi Jillaine, at the time of my answer I misunderstood hence later I added the question her profile surname was identical to the man she married - so still an unknown surname.

In the past when I was finding my feet when I knew the exact surname, I went in to the profile and edited the unknown etc.  But definitely not recommended in this case.  Personally I would keep the unknown.
Very good. Thanks
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I figured out the problem. Case matters. The profile you want to merge into is UNKNOWN-309681 not Unknown-309681.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (927k points)

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