Attention! For anyone interested in Poland/Polish roots

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Hello everyone!  

A month or so ago, I created the Russian Roots project. Then this week, Michael and I joined forces and created Slavic Roots to be the umbrella for my Russian project and his Ukranian Roots project. 

Well today I decided we needed a Polish Roots Project too, so for the last 2 hours I've been creating it. If you'd like to join us on any of these projects, please come visit our pages!  We'd love to have you!!

Add our project tags to your followed tags, so you can keep up with project developments, and to show your interest and support for our projects!!!  We hope to become a top level project soon and we need your help!

Tags to add: slavic_roots, polish_roots, russian_roots, ukrainian_roots


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Interesting. I have one candidate that I would like to learn more about. It's in todays Poland and was Upper_Silesia

Lindner-120 December 22, 1846 in Jaśkowice, Prószków, Opolskie, Poland

Excellent!!!! You should join us! You'd be a great help!
Is the next "trendy place to visit, Crimea", part of the Russian project?
It is if you start it, Vincent!  :D    I'm still developing Russia as well.

But it appears it is officially annexed to Russia....although Ukraine still doesn't recognize it?  Yikes.  

Okay, so I created a space for Russia's Federal Districts.  Here you go, Vincent, have at it!  Ha!!  (joking, but not joking at the same time!)

My mom's entire side is one big brick wall. I've has very little success in locating any of her ancestors. I would be interested.
Excellent, J.Murray!  I'll message you!
The question is not who holds sway over the territory now - but how the people you are researching would identify themselves.   Summer - -thanks for getting Polish Roots going too -- it was next on the list!
I do not have Polish Roots but I am participating in a Texas One Place Study and I am the Coordinator for a few Texas Counties that had Polish settlements including my maternal Grandpa's home county of Karnes which has the oldest permanent Polish settlement in the U.S. and the first and oldest former Polish Catholic School. Guess what else? This Polish community emigrated from Upper Silesia now Poland. The settlement was begun by Father Leopold @ Panna, Maria, Texas.

Wow!!  Is that Karnes City?  That's just a short drive from me....I should go down there and get some pictures for the project.  Thanks Kristy!!!!   I found it!!!! 

My faly names are Krowchuk and Miezsko, I come from Russian and Ukraine heritage, but can not find anything, I think names have changed spelling, any help pls.
Hi Summer:  I definitely do have polish roots from both grandparental sides.   I believe they came from Warsaw.  Stawski, Galka, Gryzl and Czaban. they came via ship to Ellis Island.  Any other information  I do not have. My grandmother almost had my mother on the ship.  I am at a brickwall.I do know my mother's mother was a twin who still lived in Poland. I had made sites for each one of my grandparents on wiki tree.

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My step-father's family escaped from Russia. One of them was Polish and the other was Lithuania. I believe it was Samuel Joseph.that was Polish, but when he came to America the Americans changed it to Joseph.and I am not sure what it was before.

by Maxine McKinney G2G1 (1.0k points)
That's quite interesting!  Does he have a profile? If so, add him to our categories!
Jozef is the Polish equal of Joseph in English
I'm not sure. I haven't started his, but I will be starting my step-father's. It seems strange to refer to him that way, he will always be my dad. How do I connect them to this group?
Thank you for your information. I'm sure that will help me find out more about this side of the family. We found Samuel' s grave site. I have it on Facebook. How can I get it on wikitree?
To indicate Polish heritage, add Category:Polish Roots (enclosed in double brackets) to the profile.
I will private message you and show you how to get that set up for his burial site. :D
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Hi Summer, can you add me to Polish Roots project ? Thanks.
by Maggie N. G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Sure thing!

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