Who has authority to protect a project, and how? How can we find out who is charge of a project?

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I often encounter Protected Projects. Who is in charge of protecting projects? And when it comes to a protected project, how does one find out who is in charge.

What criteria is used to determine if a person is qualified more than others to protect and be in charge of a project.
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If you give us one or more examples of profiles you're curious about, we can respond with a more specific and hopefully more useful answer.

I have encountered this situation twice. The first time a few months ago, the current one, recently. 

I can't remember the profile name and number, rest assured next time I encountered it I will take a note. This last time I think was Samuel Jordan or Samuel Jourdan (someone started by suggesting a merge confuAs sing two entirely different people, born 12 years apart, different spouses and parents.

I tried to change or delete parents and encountered Protected Project.

Below is another question, which leads me to believe that there are Protected Projects, not just protected profiles.

As followsCan we project protect Vere-45 for Magna Carta?

Again, as others have stated, projects aren't protected; profiles are protected by projects. The more accurate phrase, and used most often here, is project-protected profile.
OK then what is a project protected profile? How does it get protected?, who makes the decision to protect it?  Who makes the determination that a profile is project protected.?  Where do they get that authority, and on what basis?  How does one "Protect" a profile within a project, or are all profiles in a project protected>

I  would be interested in creating a project protected profile.
That help page doesn't answer all your questions. Let me try:

* the help page does answer what a PPP is and why it's used.

* the decision to protect it is usually reached by one or more people working within a project. Often there has been considerable research already done on the profile, appropriately cited, and discussion among profile managers and project volunteers. A request to protect the profile gets posted here in g2g offering a chance for folks to discuss it if need be. If everything is a go, then A Leader protects the profile.

* not all profiles within a project become protected. Protection is set to protect the last name at birth and the currently connected parents (or absence of parents). This is discussed on the help page.

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Project Leadership

All projects need to have at least one Leader involved in them. If there is just one, they need to be responsible for all of the following. If there are co-leaders or Project Coordinators they need to clearly divide the responsibilities.

The leader responsible for each of the following functions should be clearly presented on the main project page so that everyone knows who to contact.


Click on a project to see it's leader(s) List of all projects

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David:  Who has the authority to make the decision as to which wikitree member can protect a project, and on what basis is that decision made?

To restate. I encounter a Protected Project. I want to know who is in charge of the Protected Project , and how, on what basis, their qualifications they possessed to be authorized to be in charge of and protecting a project.?
The links I posted to all the projects is your source for finding the leader of any project. Click on the project you want to know about and scroll down page to find the leader(s) of the project click their name to go to their profile to send a message and or ask them a question. All projects are protected, you have to be a member of the project by joining the project.

There is a difference in a project and a protected profile. Go to help index and look at Project FAQ and Protected Profiles FAQ to find the answer.
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William, There is a difference between a Project and a Projected Protected Profile.  Almost every Project "protects" some profiles.  What this mainly means is that the Last Name At Birth (LNAB) cannot be changed and that parents cannot be added or removed.  Only a Leader can place a PPP on a profile.   Most of the time, the Privacy for the profile is Open, so you can still edit it.

If a profile is "project protected," there should be a template for the particular project on the profile.  If there is no template on the profile, contact the Profile Manager to find out why that particular profile is protected. (It does happen occasionally when there are multiple merges that need to occur, and there are several different LNABs, the lowest number of the correct LNAB is protected until the merges are complete.)
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I think that I am beginning to understand.

I know what a protected profile is (the ones with red closed lock icons)

So there are Projects that are protected. Is that correct?

If so how does a wiki member obtain the authority to protect a project?

Restated: who on the wiki staff has the authority to give a member the right to control a project by "protecting" it.

Related question: How does one go about creating and thus controlling a project, and then how does one add profiles to that project?

Sorry for all of this

The profiles with the red lock icon are not project protected. Those profiles are living people with a strict privacy setting. Most project protected profiles are pre-1800 and have a white, Open lock icon.

Projects are not protected, individual profiles may be.

I see that you are a member of two projects, DNA and Louisiana Families.

I suggest you go to the Help Index and check out Projects for answers to your questions.

Hi Shirley:

I know that profiles can be protected, but honestly I have run into Profiles in Protected Projects. In fact one of the answers above tells me that I can edit a person in a Protected Project, except for adding or removing parents, Maybe some other edits.
That is true, but if the Privacy setting is Red, then you won't be able to edit.  That has to do with Privacy, not Project.
So frustrating. I know that already. I am not talking about privacy and settings of profiles. I am talking about Protected Projects, and in the case I encountered the profile was set to public (green lock open)

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the person in the Protected Project, I think it was Samuel Jordan or Jourdon or Jourdan.

I have encountered this situation, once before. It involves changing the name of the parents or deleting parents.
If the person was born more than 200 years ago, the Privacy should be Open.  Unfortunately, we can't help you if we don't know which profile it is. When you do find the profile again, if it should be Open, post a message on the profile, send the Profile Manager a private message and also post a message on the Profile Manager's profile page.  If you don't get a response, follow the process for an Unresponsive Profile Manager.

Vic, as I said, I am getting frustrated, it is if though I was typing and no one was reading what I wrote.

This is not about a protected profile. It is about Protected Projects.

I understand the issue of protected and open profiles.

I really don't think that I need to identify a particular profile, as the issue is Protected PROJECTS.  

Are there any such thing as Protected Projects? Where a profile is open to edit, except for certain fields such as altering or deleting parents.

Other comments indicate that there are Protected PROJECTS.

If so I wish to know who is in charge of Protecting a Project, 

How does one go about having a Project and getting it protected.?

How does one go about contacting the person in charge of a Protected Project? 

How does one ascertain who is in charge of a Protected Project?

Project are Projects. There is no such things as a Protected Project. Profiles are protected, not Projects.

Profiles may be part of Projects.  There are profiles that are protected as part of a Project, but that is because they are profiles that are popular, such as part of the Puritan Great Migration Project and there are lots of descendants.  The Last Name at Birth needs to be protected from changes.  It is also possible that the Notables Project has profiles that are within the 200 year limit for Privacy, so the Privacy setting may not be Open.

Leaders place the Project Protected Profile status on a profile.

If you want to know who is in charge of a particular Project, it tells you on the page for the project.

If you want to start a Project, check out the Project FAQ page HERE.

(Edited for grammar.)

I must be seeing things because when I tried to change parents of Samuel Jordan or Samuel Jourdon (can't remember which now, but someone was trying to merge them). A page rolled over with a warning. This is a Protected Project, not a Protected Profile, in fact you don't get warnings if you try to change a Protected Profile, because you don't even have an edit capability.

I will keep you in mind when I run across it again.

The profile in question was born before 1700, I would not consider him a notable, then again I don't know the wikitree definition of a Notable.

You said that Leaders place the Project Protected status on a profile.

Who nominates and/or approves Leaders.
What is the criteria to become a Leader

Thank You
Thank you:

Finally I received the answer that I was looking for, it took persistence.

But that raises another question.

What is it about a member that makes them so special that they are made leaders, and who appoints leaders?
The answers to your most recent questions are on the help page I linked to immediately above.

Bottom line: Leaders are volunteers who have demonstrated sufficient experience using wikitree , the understanding and practice of the one-tree philosophy here, and the ability and integrity to communicate and solve problems in a productive manner. They are nominated by other Leaders.

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