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I asked a question previously, and didn't get an answer, and now I have further questions. The schools are not self-explanatory, at least to me.

1. The category exists: US Colleges and Universites. All good. So, each state has a sub-category. Also, good. Now, let me get this straight. Each school should have its own category, so School Name, City/Town/State.

2. The categories exist: Schools, with sub-categories for counties. I get it. But is this supposed to be K-12 public and private schools?

The problem I see is that there are colleges listed in county schools and this has been almost everywhere I've looked so far. For example:

Is that supposed to be categorized under Massachusetts Colleges and Universities or in Bristol County, Massachusetts, Schools or BOTH?

My preference would be to keep the k-12 schools under Schools and the post-grad schools under Colleges and Universities and not mix them.

I've checked the categorization project and don't see this addressed. Thanks for any help in understanding this.
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This is the first time I've heard of WikiTree categories for K-12 schools, and I've never seen colleges and universities categorized by county. I'm more familiar with categories like

And I don't see the point of adding city and town to every college and university, as in,_Medford,_Massachusetts -- what was wrong with ?
I had asked about categorizing my son's school, Westfield State, and was instructed to add the city/state.

And I was asking about the k-12 schools, really, and just guessing that is what the Schools category was set up for.  I have no idea; I'm just looking for answers. Otherwise why have separate categories for "Schools" and "Colleges and Universities." They do both exist as it is right now.

Also, large school with multiple campuses exist. So we have Ohio State, Main Campus, Ohio State, Blah Blah Campus, etc. That's fine, but it really needs some standarization.

Believe me, I'm new to this and I want to get it right and I'm willing to work with people to figure it all out.
I can understand, if you are going to use a category for K-12, to use the city and state.  I know that there is a Madison School in just about every city in Washington State, so it is very possible that there is a Madison School in Seattle and one in Bellevue, too.  You need the city to tell them apart.

The problem we have is that, especially when you start talking about "colleges," terms are used differently in the USA than it is in some other parts of the world.  This has led to some confusion in the categories.  I agree that we need to define the level of the school we are talking about before we develop the category for the school.
Thanks, that is really what I would like to see discussed and have it all spelled out and see some standardization in the categories.


This looks like a historical school. My 3rd great uncle help found it. This Pennsylvania school.


it looks like the Berrysburg Seminary could have a category with Category:Berrysburg, Pennsylvania and  Category: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Schools as parent categories.


Not sure how to make categories for schools and such. Could someone help????


Next time, it would be more helpful to simply request a category and not tack it onto a closed post. Thanks.



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I think it's Ok to start with a small set-up and gradually increase.  Thus start with a page containing general information about the history of the school / famous people or events associated with it, etc.  One or more pages listing people who attended the school, gradually working toward "Class of 19xx and then other details like major / minor / clubs / sports teams, etc.  So I'd start with a profile for the school, add a category which can be attached to people associated with the school and add links to existing school web sites or Wikipedia pages.
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In the above you are getting  the details of your profiles mixed up with your category.
Construct your profiles than you can add your categories. Your category
reflects the information in your profiles, but as a group. If you have no
group than there is no need for a category.
Best to keep these separate. In Categories build them from the profiles up then back down as necessary.
[[Czarowitz-1|Jon P Czarowitz]]
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When you talk categorization, you need to detail Location.

The upper level is the state; followed by the County; Followed by the Place such as the city.

If you are  listing the County Level, then it is the County, State, Place.

The Place should be Place, City, County, State.

If you break down Place into sub Sections, then add one more level  down.
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I found some historic schools in West Virginia.I also found something on the Randolph Academy, the first academy west of the Allegheny Mountains. John Powers profile listed he was a Trustee of the Randolph Academy can be found in genealogy trails link transcribed. Other Academies listed in links if anyone interested. Like to get subcategory on the Randolph Academy as it’s historic and first.  I add John Powers as he was trustee. Hope this helps others. 

“The first meeting of the trustees contained in the minute book is as follows: 

Clarksburg, Harrison County, the 18th. Aug. 1788. 

Pursuant to an adjournment of the board of trustees for the Randolph Academy the following trustees met, viz.:
George Jackson, John Powers, John Wilson. 
John Haymond is by the said trustees appointed Clerk pro tempore.
The number of trustees not being sufficient to make a board, the trustees adjourned till tomorrow at twelve o'clock. “


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Billie, this is a thread from 6 years ago about the overall structure for categories for colleges and universities. I am going to close the thread because the discussion was long since concluded.

It would be far better for your new discussion about a specific institution in West Virginia to be a brand new G2G "question" (don't worry if it's not actually a question) focused on this particular topic. I think you should start a new  question and copy your post into the body of your question. Mention West Virginia in the main part  (title) of your question.

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