Need to know what this means as my understanding differs

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Recently received information on Margaarite Albright with her husband listed beside her.  Need to know what this means - and when is information of birth and death considered to be "under copy write protection"??  Please see the following:

You will note the small bit typed above the husband's parents..
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See: Genealogy of Canada, TERMES ET CONDITIONS

The Genealogy website has the right to copy right the information they research and provide. But will say I am not familiar with the laws of copy right in Canada.

Use the names and dates and research it your self for free then you can also use the results for your source for the person(s).

Use Family Search.


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Thank you.  Will try that but you did not answer my question.  Originally was told that al birth, marriage & death records are public knowledge in Canada.  

Was wondering if this true or NOT TRUE.
I am not familiar with Canada laws on copy rights but any website can and has the right to copy right their material that is provided on the website. But it could be all of the sites info or only what is not for public use that you would need to contact them and ask if you could use the person(s) information.
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I'd have to see how it's used on that site, but I believer that it means that if there's a ***** instead of personal data, it's not for public release.I don't think it has anything to do with a copyright, rather protection of living people from the release of certain data.
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Interesting. That is how this is set up but the people Joseph Lalonde & Margaret Albright were married in 1815 & both born  befre 1800!  Certainly his parents were born prior to these dates which would make them b. in the 1700's  Wonder why they would have this restricted?  Curious.  Thank you for your interest.
No, I expect statement is boiler-plate.  IOW wvery page would have it, but only ones who have one or more *****s and thus have info redacted would really need the statement.  That is, you can ignore it on the page you linked to. It's only there as an explanation, not as a directive.
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I take it to read that if the string '*****' appears against a record then the information is protected by law. I'd expect that if it did appear then little or none of the data for that record would be visible. If you follow a family line down to recent times you might find if that is the case.
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The Lalonde's are not directly related to me but just found it odd as both parents names are mentioned  I won't bother to post them.  was curious as had never seen this before.  Most birth, marriage & deaths are considered public property once they have reached 100 years of age in Canada.  Of course Quebec may have separate laws.  Thanks a lot of replying.

The record shown here is of a descendant of that family that would have been born about 1930s. The **** symbol is used here to indicate restricted (or Private) information

ID No: 244365
Firstname: Mariette
Name: Leduc 
Born: ****
Parish/City: Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Qc
Country: Canada
Death: **** - Age: 60
Parish/City: Pointe-Claire, Qc
Country: Canada
Thank you.  Can see no reason the information given me cannot be posted, but do not wish to use it if its not legal to do so.  As Quebec laws differ from the rest of Canada will not put his parents but wanted to put their children who all died before 1900.  Thank you very much for your interest.

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