How can I create some short templates (one line, say) without waiting (or wanting) to become a "Leader"?

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When I find a record that might belong to my ancestor, I put it in the profile (under "Research Notes").  These guesses, possible leads, should have a "red flag" (literally) that reminds me to track down the info, and that notifies others that they are conjectural.

No, I do not want to use the "conjectural" template -- it's too wordy, takes up too much space!

WikiTree's requirement is that only Leaders can create templates.  What do you suggest I do?
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For the wonderful folks who replied... Vic, David, Magnus, Maggie,


<center>{{red|Y'all are TOPS!  Thanks!}}</center>


Hmm.  This isn't quite working....

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I created a "One Line" conjectural template for you. I can change the color if you would like it different.

I use the " citation needed" template that Lianna created all the time to remind myself to find sources for a profile or statement on a profile.

But I would use the template Vic mentioned {{red| research needed }} as that it's least obtrusive on profiles.

Also Magnus & David had some good ideas too.
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Hi Juli, There is a template that already exists.  It even puts the referred material in RED, the way you want!  Here it is:

{{red|What you want to say.}}

That is: two forward curly brackets, the color (red in lower case letters), a pipe (usually over the slash on your keyboard), what ever you want to appear in RED, and two closing curly brackets.  If you want it in BLUE, use blue, etc.
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Juli I would do this:

== "Conjectural Research Notes" Needs further investigation ==

It will highlight the text and it says what you want and what is below the text is for use for further research. No need for red as it is for your information and use. Two equal signs and a space at front and rear of text.

Or use this if you want a text color and font size and left/center/right alignment:

<div style="text-align: center;">
<span id=class="mw-headline"> <div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-family: Monotype Corsiva; font-size: 14pt"><span style="text-;color:red;"><span style="color:red;">Conjectural Research Notes Needing further investigation</span></span></span>
<div style="text-align: left;">

Just enter one or both in edit mode into area you want it and click preview and remove what you do not want to use.
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Juli ~ I do a mixture of all these things suggested (-:

I can fix the conjectural template to say less...I will look at it now.

Hi David

Just wondering if you've read the style guide HTML and Inline CSS? The HTML tags you've used in your example are not on the Recommended Tags list.

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Suggestion: Add a personal Category to the profile. See help ==> you find all your ToDos see Category Sälgö-1

==> I do that for profiles that I need to research in specific places/sources or type of genealogy research

  1. Military archives
  2. Prison archives
  3. Emigration archives and immigration
  4. At a cemetery Swedish gravar
  5. When I visit a specific library
by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (276k points)

As you can include a Free space page on a profile

{{Space:xxx}} ==> works like a template

Then you can easily find where this template is used by

e.g a documentation of a house that is used by more WikiTree profiles  Space:Bänntorp,_Sköllersta_härad,_Örebro_län

To include the above template use 

To Link 
[[:Space:Bänntorp,_Sköllersta_härad,_Örebro_län|This is my link]]

The above space also use tags <noinclude> and <includeonly> ==> you can control what is included


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