How are profiles selected to be checked for Error Reports?

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Following up on my comments about "511-Unique First Names”  in Error Reports, I mentioned being notified of errors in profiles beyond my control.

Of the 130  errors in last week’s report, 55 of them were in relation to profiles that I do not manage and that do not include me on the trusted list. All but three of these were Public or Private (not Open), so I could not check, let alone correct , those errors. Again, a huge amount of wasted time in checking to find the PM and then also checking the Trusted List.

I understand that the Error Report does not necessarily correlate with my Watchlist, but I should not be receiving reports on profiles that I have (and never have had) any connection with.

Again, I am reluctant to sound critical of an immensely helpful tool, (albeit still in a developmental phase), but anything that creates a significant waste of time and effort, will soon turn members off using it.
in WikiTree Tech by Peter Knowles G2G6 Mach 7 (70.3k points)
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If you don't manage or have access to a profile I add a comment like below. I yhink not everyone has seen the magic error reports or the menu option....

Comment I add
FYI an error has been reported on this profile please see the error report and see if you can fix it and add some sources that are evidences

* {{Db_errors|10|Sälgö-1|Y}}

where I change Sälgö-1 to the WikiTreeId of current profile

Privacy column

If you check the error report you have a privacy column that tells if you can edit or not see WikiTreeID=Knowles-1375&Generations=15

50 ==> privacy level public  

60 ==> privacy level open  

40 ==> private with public biography and Family Tree  




Not quite accurate - I can edit any of those (plus Red) if I am on the Trusted list - but I have to open the profile and the trusted list to find out! The only ones I can edit without accessing the trusted list are those identified as 60 == > privacy level open.

Besides, I have no desire or intention of notifying other managers of errors identified in my, or any other, error reports.

That’s not what my question was about.

"I understand that the Error Report does not necessarily correlate with my Watchlist, but I should not be receiving reports on profiles that I have (and never have had) any connection with."


Re Peter
FYI: I work with the whole tree so for me its good with the current solution. I have never been a friend of the Watchlist....

As I mentioned below I have heard that something with the watch list is on its way..... I tested a Beta with my 2600 profiles in the watchlist and it worked excellent.... but I don't know what the status is....

I assume the watchlist approach is what you want....

Sure you are right and if you are Sysop I assume you can edit everything ;-)

If I was a Sysop, I wouldn’t be asking these questions

Re Peter

If I understand you correct is that you would just like to see "your" profiles and profiles that you can edit

The problem I guess is that the people on the trusted list is not exported in the database dump that is used to create the error report plus that when you run the report you don't tell the report generator who you are ==> it can't filter.... or marked the profiles/errors you can edit

I guess maybe something like this need to be done

  1. Database dump format need to be extended with the Trusted people and also exporting all the profile managers
  2. A new parameter saying that Knowles-1375 is running this list please mark the errors in the report that he can edit
  3. As Chris has added a menu option in Wikitree for the error report ==> Wikitree knows who you are if you are logged in so then it could also send the logged in as an parameter...

Magnus, I do not appear to have access to that page; it requires something other than a standard wikitree login ID.

Re Jillaine

Should be standard Wikitree login test again....

Question: Anyone else who has problems? Or success ;-) 

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Today update of errors will be released in an hour. 

Errors are listed by generations. Each generation is consists of parents, children and spouses. So all those errors are related to you. It is your choice if you are interested in 7th or 10th or 15th generation.

Error 511 was tuned up, (repeat count  is lowered from 20 to 5) and reducing the number of 511 to half, so i think it will be less false errors. I will continue to monitor this error.

Possibility to see only errors from your watchlist is done, but there are performance problems with API server and I am waiting on Chris to solve it. 

  • You can get all errors for your watchlist. Just follow the to wikitree apps server. There you have to login with wikitree credentials like for FS Connect, and you will get errors in your watchlist. This is in early development but you can try it. For huge watchlists it can take up to 1 minute to process, so be patient.


by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (814k points)
selected by Peter Knowles
Thanks Ales for your prompt answer.

I look forward to reviewing this week’s Error Report.

I really do appreciate your hard work.

Ales, I do not understand the login requirements for this URL. Please explain. It says I appear to be logged into wikitree, implying that my wikitree ID is not acceptable. Tells me to log out and log back in-- but with what if my wikitree login ID is not acceptable?
just re-enter your regular id & pw is different server using the same data as, but you have to login on it with your wikitree username (email) and password, since it is different domain.
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I agree, Peter. I just noticed the error report function a few days ago. At first, I thought the errors were mine but then ran into lots of profiles I had nothing to do with.  I did correct my errors as best I could. (I don't know what to do with the error 511 - unique first names.)  I finally just gave up and went on to do something else.  Hope the techs can find a way to limit the error reports to those found on one's watch list.
by Carolyn Martin G2G6 Pilot (286k points)
There is a watchlist version in the pipe I have heard.....

Problem with a world wide tree is to decide which are yours ;-)
I consider it "mine" if I am a manager on the profile.

Carolyn, I had a lot of polish names but most of my error 511 - unique first names were caused by imports that did not separate out the middle name, which in most cases made the first name unique. I simply moved the middle name to the correct field.  I presumed this would fix the problem.

I do like the idea of listing errors on most of the profiles that are in the scope used, but I do agree that if we don't have edit capability to make a change, it should not be on the report, or at least have an option to hide them.

The one issue that I am not sure what to do with are those marked as "310 Mother was dead before birth" I have a few that are managed by someone else but the date is marked "died after" date, which is true.  

Part of me thinks this is technically not an error but maybe the date of death should be changed to "Died after" the birth of the last child.

Maybe add a sort/ filter option on the column headers ==> 

  • see all 302 errors
  • see all with privacy xxx
  • see all with location yyy

@ Ken Sargent:

A man can die months before his child is born.
(And now even years later with sperm in the freezer)
Man and woman can die, without having children.

Whatchlist version is on

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