Never received a compare report.

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I have tried the various answers on this page and nothing has worked. Checked all email folders, tried to look in contributions. At this point I have no idea how this site works. Frustrating

in WikiTree Tech by Living Lea G2G Crew (340 points)

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Hi Vanessa, 

Every now and then a GEDCOM gets hung up in our system during an upload.  This happened with your recent GEDCOM upload.  Resubmitting it will cause the same problem to occur. If you'd like to send me your GEDCOM file, I can create a fresh GEDCOM with my family history software and you can upload that one instead. This has worked for others in the past.  You can email the file it to eowyn at if you want.


by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
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Hi Vanessa, I can't recall if I received an email - I'm one of those people who tends to dive in.

The site - it's like one big family tree - no duplicates (though of course it happens time to time).

We all add our family profiles to the site, you may find further back you go - another family member created a profile and has possibly found out more information about them, this way their information and your own - can be shared.

In my case I've purchased over 150 birth, marriage and death certificates from round the world, no point in other people buying them - when I can provide the data/image of the certificates - saves money.

People may be in a local area to the family member - can search in libraries etc.

So the quick reply is as stated - we're one family.

For me I was amazed further back someone had information about a family member - so that to me was interesting.
by Living Bowling G2G6 Mach 6 (66.0k points)
Where do I look to compare and approve?
If you go to your own profile - have a look at the top of the page

Two boxes - first name and then surname

Example - type in James and the surname Moir

It will bring up all the names - you can scroll down and filter by year of birth or death etc.

Personally I just create a new profile and add the names and dates - if there are duplicates - it will ask - do any of these names match the one you are creating?

This gives you the chance to check before creating an entirely new profile.
When I put in my name no duplicates. I tried several surnames of that search, no duplicates. Where do I approve? I would just like to see the report.
Hi, don't feel you have to keep checking.  You have a profile and when you created it, it would have said.

Add your parents and at this stage I'm sure there are no duplicates.  So keep adding the information and then at the bottom of the page - click save/create.

This brings you to a page where you can either look at the profile you just created - or alternatively you could click on edit, or again it gives you the option to add siblings.

For me personally I found as I create a profile - I just go directly into the edit and add any information.  Once that's done and I've saved it, then add additional profiles (parents, siblings, spouse etc).

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