Data source quagmire for Susanna Samwell Edwards

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A profile was created for Susanna Samwell as Samwell-1 back in 2010.  The original profile listed only "Ancestry Family Trees" as a source. It placed her birth in Northam, Devon, England and her death in Peterbrowe, Nottinghamshire, England.

While searching for sources to support this information, I found an alternate birth place of "Edgecott, Nrthmp, England" and a baptism place of "Yeldon, Bedford, England". I found no sourced place of death but I suspect that it might actually be "Petersborowe, Northamptonshire, England" where her husband died  - as Google searches for  "Peterbrowe"  yielded nothing but a referral to Peterborough. I believe that these three names may be alternate spellings for the same location.

I've listed the electronic sources on her profile & posted links to the records which hold the original source information.

Is there anyone in England, who lives close to the National Archives of the UK or the locations above, has an interest in this profile, and who would be willing to visit onsite and ascertain which, if any, of these electronic database records hold correct information?
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Ancestry frequently aggregates multiple individuals data and this looks to be the case here. Two minor points:

Edgcott/Edgcote used to be in South Northamptonshire so it's not an error for Bucks as suggested on the profile page. (EDGCOTT, a parish in the district of Banbury and county of Northampton...)

As you point out yourself, the Yelden baptism record is 150 years later and in a completely different part of the country. The death suggests it was a baby who died in any case. This seems clearly a completely different person and I'm not sure why you continue to associate them.



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There will be no supporting any of the information as it is basically incorrect and not known.

The birth date of Susanna Samwell is not known exactly.  It is a rough estimate based solely on an estimated marriage date of about 1535.  A better estimated date would be between 1505 and 1515 with 1510 being an acceptable guess as WikiTree does not work with ranges.

As her birth date is not known, her birth place is certainly not known.  She was born before we would expect to have any parish records of her baptism, and it simply does not exist.  The Edwards family was from Peterborough so there is certainly no reason to suppose Susanna was born there.  If anything, you could say she was from Edgecote, co. Northampton which is where her father was from and the most likely place of her birth.

Similarly, her death date and place is unknown.  The 1561 date is just wrong.  She lived much longer than that and married twice more (not shown in WikiTree).  She married second John Arundel who left a will dated 1557, and married third John Bill whose will was proved in 1560.  The last known mention of Susanna (Samwell) (Edwards) (Arundell) Byll was in the November 1585 will of her brother Francis Samwell who refers to "my sisters Suzen Byll and Clemens Hasillwoode : to my sister Billes children ..."  If I remember right, she had three children by Edward Edwards (not just 1).

At some point I will get around to updating her profile, as I intend to do for all ancestors of Alice Freeman.

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