Scope of William Penn/Early PA Settlers Project?

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I had posted a question about the scope of this project on the talk page for it, which is now archived. So, here's the question in g2g:

What time frame are we focusing on for this project? Also, is it restricted to Pennsylvania (as defined... when?)? In other words, would the early Dixon/Gregg line, which settled in Delaware, properly be part of this project? (See information in William Dixon's profile; he was in Delaware in 1680s.) See also the project page.

WikiTree profile: William Dixon
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Liz, if you are familiar with research related to this time period, I suggest you propose a geo and time scope and start from there. You can always modify it later.

AND.... Kudos to you for taking this on. I think it's a much needed area of focus.
Ack! I'm the least qualified of the members of this project to take a leadership role. That's part of why I asked... I don't know the answer!
Who else is on it? Does it have a Category page?
Sorry! I got side-tracked yesterday. I added the link to g2g Penn posts to the Penn project page, but I'd also meant to edit my question to add:

Cheers, Liz

Have set up a page for the ship for you.  Add the following to the bio section for the passengers listed on this page Canterbury (1699)

[[Category:Canterbury (1699)]]

Replace  the text in the bio field "Canterbury" with

[[:Category:Canterbury (1699)|Ship Canterbury]]

Edited, forgot a ":" sorry.

oh - too cool Michael!  Thanks!!

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I added to the William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers Project the following:

  • WikiTree page "Quakers"
    • Add to profile bio at top [[Category:Quakers]] and perhaps in bio section [[:Category:Quakers|Quaker]]

Have also located Penn, William  your first profile. Needs to be checked for lowest id number, locked and I suggested the 1st merge.

Have fun and let me know if changes need to be made or when assistance is needed.   Mike

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Wow again Michael! and THANKS again too :D

Cheers, Liz

Your most welcomed.  Found another profile for this group (one of mine/ sorry ours) Valentine Hollingsworth Sr.

the project needs a leader ... you interested/available?

You may wish to have Lianne double check my work. There have been some changes in the way these project pages are to be connected or connected to.


"Project Articles and Participants:"

on the page William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers Project

Everything I clicked on so far was ok.  I think the major change is the badge for project members instead of the category link... I'll double check on that tomorrow.  I'm over my quota of wikitree time for today (for the week, already, if I'm honest, but I'll try to get to this tomorrow).

Cheers, Liz
Don't forget to put your PROJECTED PROTECTED badge on your Dixon work !
Thanks for the reminder Maggie.

Cheers, Liz
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Thanks Michael!  I did *finally* see the text on the project page (above Contents) that covered the project's scope. How embarassing!  Anyway, I've revised that page so that it's more noticeable, and I expanded on it a bit.

Only thing... I have no idea where the "23 voyages" came from, and I can't find any set of ships/trips that adds up to 23.  Would you know what the 23 voyages being referred to are?  If so, I think that list/information would be good as another article or subcategory for the project & the appropriate ship/migration category (I'm almost beginning to understand categories - I'm still having trouble understanding why there are some many pages with duplicated information, but I'll catch on eventually).

Thanks, Liz

really old question - but here is the answer ... There were 22 ships, that made a total of 23 sailings.  These were the ships sent by William Penn.

Penn sent 2 ships (Bristol Factor & John and Sarah)  in 1681 carrying his commisioners to scope out the land.  There was a third ship (probably Amity) that carried a third comissioner (Capt. William Crispin) who died enroute and returned to England (so they don't count that one in the 23).

During 1682, Bristol Factor made her second sailing; along with the remaining ships carrying the colonists.  Mostly from England, but at least one (Antelope) from Ireland. 

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The lowest-numbered profile for the William Penn of this project's title is Penn-40. I've sent a trusted list requests for Penn-40, Penn-73, and Penn-113 (and their parents). Thanks for all of your help Michael!
by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (380k points)

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