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There is a proposed merge of Briant-35 and Briant-Searles-1.  I have done extensive work on Briant-35, although I am not the profile manager of either of these profiles and did not initiate the merge.  

I know that when I initiate a merge, I can tell which profile will be merged into the other.  But at this point I can't tell.  This merge is appropriate, and the appropriate destination is Briant-35.  If it turns out that the proposed merge seeks to merge Briant-35 into Briant-Searles-1, I would reject it and turn it around.

It would be most helpful if in the messages of the merge, ALL the messages which currently say, "a merge has been proposed of Briant-Searles-1 AND Briant-35" could be changed to specify the direction of the merge, i.e. a merge has been proposed of Briant-Searles-1 INTO Briant-35.  This change of one word would convey vital information which would prevent needless needs to change the LNAB after the merge!
WikiTree profile: Abigail Carpenter
in WikiTree Tech by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (385k points)
Also, looking at what has just appeared above, it would be helpful in ALL cases of married women to include the maiden name/LNAB in the description, i.e. Abigail (Briant) Carpenter, above, not simply Abigail Carpenter.  In this case and many others like it, there has been considerable confusion over WHICH Abigail married Carpenter, which would be kept clear if the maiden name were included in presentations of the person's name.
Actually you can never tell, even if you initiate the merge.  How it appears to the completor will depend on which "merge" link the completor clicks on.  "Reversing" the merge is pointless.  PPP is the only way to protect it.

If anybody's not convinced, go to Mcminn-130 and scroll down to Pending Merges and click [merge].  Repeat with McMinn-29.  Same merge, opposite direction.


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Briant-Searles is not an allowable LNAB in this case. Briant was her LNAB and therefore Briant-35 should be the target (and protected if need be, at least until the merge is complete).

Where does "Searles" come from?
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (817k points)
Precisely.  Brent-35 needs to be the target, but when I looked at the proposed merge, I could not tell if that would be the result.  It just says "Brent 35 and Briant-Searles-1 will be merged.  If it said A will be merged INTO B, then I would know.  

As RJ says, PPP would prevent the merge, but the point is not to prevent it but to get it right.

And Searles is a legend.  Abigail Searles never existed.   Fuller explanation on the site.  Except on the internet.  I still need to delink 3 children attached to her, since people who never existed can't have children.

A look at the changes page on Briant-Searles-1 gives a good indication of some of the problems we still have with people who rush in, spend a couple of days on WikiTree, and then lose interest and move on to something else, leaving a lot of debris behind.
I didn't say PPP would prevent the merge.  PPP stops it being done in the wrong direction.

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