Connectors Challenge June 2016!

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Thanks to all of you who joined our first monthly Connectors Challenge. You guys did a wonderful job in connecting a lot of families whose branches were dangling.  


The Top Connector in May was Carol Keeling with 18 families connected. Wow, Carol-that's pretty amazing. We had 11 members join in and connected 37 branches total. That bumped our total connected percentage up to 75% as of today, from the previous 74%. Can we go up another percent for June? Let's do it!

(Note, if you forgot to mark something as connected since the rules are still being tweaked, let us know in the comments, and we'll update the stats. If I didn't see "connected!" I didn't count it.)

Now on to the Connectors Challenge Rules:

  1. Pick any WikiTree profile which is not connected to the main tree. (In other words, that profile does not have a box at the bottom of the page, showing the degrees of separation from Kevin BaconAJ Jacobs,Bram Stoker, and Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms.) You can look for unconnected profiles using the Unconnected People tool, the Unconnected Profiles category, the Unlinked_Profiles category, or you may run across an unconnected profile in the regular course of your research.
  2. Either add a new profile for a first degree relative (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) of the person on that profile, or else connect an existing profile on WikiTree to the profile you're working on.
  3. Add a source to the profiles involved in the connection showing the relationship between the two profiles. This could be a census record listing a family, a marriage record, a death record listing the spouse and/or parents, a birth record listing the parents, or any source which demonstrates that the two profiles should be connected to one another. Your source needs to be cited as closely to the style recommended on our Sources help page as possible to count towards your tally.
  4. If you are adding a new profile, add a second, independent source for that profile. (For example, if you add a spouse because of a marriage record, then look for a birth or death record for the spouse you're adding.) (Note: The reason for this rule isn't to discourage you from adding people. But as you have probably already learned, even official documents frequently misspell names, so adding an independent confirmation of the name helps to save other researchers time in trying to find records that don't exist, because the person's real name was not the same as showed up in the linking document.)
  5. Answer that month's post, creating a numbered list, and including the two profiles and the kind of source you used to make the connection. (For example: "1. Smith-123 to Jones-456 - marriage".) You only need to reply once. As you make more connections, just edit your post to add your new connections.
  6. If you connect a profile which completes a connection trail either for an isolated profile or an unconnected tree, please add "Connected!" at the end of the line which made the connection.
  7. The tally is of branches/unconnected profiles connected to the WikiTree tree, not sources or profiles added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better, and sometimes a connection will take a number of profiles to get added. Every one is different, and each one makes our tree better. So, in short, we'll count each "connected!" we see.
  8. If either or both profiles you connect did not have good sources before and were already on WikiTree, then you can also count those sources towards the Sourcerers Challenge.
  9. All participants who do not already have a Connectors Project badge, will get one. Winners each month-the person with the most connections made to the tree-will get the Connection Challenge Winner badge, and the Top Connector each month with get a spiffy template to wear on their profile page. Stats will be kept on the Connectors Challenge page, just like we do for the Sourcerers Challenge.

See last month's challenge as an example. Ask questions in the comments section here. Thank you! We'll work out kinks as we go :-)

WikiTree profile: Space:Connectors_Challenge
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
Not so sure I should participate.  Last month I added over 200 people to the database, but did not find a connection.  So, in essence, I am just adding to your 100+ list! long does it take, once a connection is made, for the the blurb at the bottom saying 29 degrees from Kevin Bacon take to show up?  Or should I just report connections that I know are connected to people with that blurb already?
Hi Lucy!

Of course you should join us! Sometimes it takes hundreds of additions before you finally find that connection-you're not alone. Connections generally show up overnight, depending on where you are in the world, but I think most of us just yell "connected" when we connect to someone who already has the blurb.


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1. Starting where I left off last month on one from the GFR Unconnected Gedcoms, Hyrum Erastus Christensen to son

Chester Hyrum Christensen, obit, census to wife

Bessie Eva Hamilton obit, census to parents

William Richard Hamilton and Daisy Mae Skinner, obit for Bessie and census to

Daisy's parents William BSkinner and Sarah F Jones, census and marriage to

father Curtis Skinner and Elizabeth Parrott, census, marriage, death records to

daughter Adella Skinner, marriage and census to

her husband Emry Smith, marriage and census to his father

John Smith marriage and census and mother, Hannah Plowman, census and marriage 


by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (575k points)
edited by Abby Glann
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OK, here goes for the June Connections

1. Created Caroline Louisa Spurgeon CONNECTED! as a daughter to (existing profiles) John Spurgeon and Eliza Jervis source birth and 1851/1861 census

Added Thomas Collins Page as her husband source marriage and 1891 census

Added Grace Lillie Page as their daughter source birth and 1891 census

Added Harvey George Purchase as husband of Grace source on-line book detailing the biography of the Purchase Family

Added George Lambton Purchase and Ida Ann Bone as the parents of Harvey source baptism and 1881 census

Connected George Lambton Purchase as a son of (existing profiles) Stephen Purchase and Mary Phippard source baptism and 1851 census 

2. Connected Sarah Allingham CONNECTED! as the wife of John William Perrie source marriage and 1861 census

Merged duplicate profiles of Sarah's father John Allingham (and Allingham-9) source burial

and duplicate profiles of her mother Elizabeth Potter (and Potter-2080) source remarriage 1841/1851 census and death

so have now connected Sarah's siblings and both her parents families

(merges completed by profile manager)

3. Added father William Trutch CONNECTED! to his son (existing profile) Sir Joseph William Trutch source birth and baptism

Added Frank William Trutch as son of William Trutch source baptism, census, death and will index

Added Lucy Shapton as mother of Frank source baptism, census, death

Added Samuel Shapton and Mary Heal as parents of Lucy source baptism, their marriage and burial

Added Samuel Shapton and Elizabeth Norman as parents of Samuel source added baptism, marriage and burial

Connected (existing profile) Grace Shapton to her parents Samuel and Elizabeth source baptism, census and burial

4. Added parents Alan Gardner Cornwall CONNECTED! and Caroline Marianne Kingscote as parents of (existing profile) Clement Francis Cornwall source baptism

Added Thomas Kingscote and Harriet Peyton as parents of Caroline Kingscote source baptism, their marriage

Added Thomas Henry Kingscote as son of Thomas and Harriet source baptism, burial

Added Isabella Frances Somerset as wife of Thomas H Kingscote source baptism, marriage and burial

Added Robert N F Kingscote as son of Thomas and Isabella source marriage, burial and M.I.

Added Emily Maria Curzon-Howe as wife of Robert Kingscote source 1841/51 census marriage

Connected Emily to her parents (existing profiles) Richard William Penn Curzon and Harriet Brudenell

5. CONNECTED! Henry Punchard to (existing profiles) his parents Spencer Punchard and Ethel Heywood source birth and 1911 census

Also connected their daughter Eva Punchard source baptism and death

6. CONNECTED! Emily Punchard to (existing profiles) her parents Harry Punchard and Ada Jane Heaton source birth and 1911 census

7. CONNECTED!  Eva Punchard to (existing profiles) her parents William Punchard and Ada Fenton source baptism

Also connected their son Harry Punchard, source birth and 1911 census in Canada

8. CONNECTED! Rachel Bowden to (existing parents) Simon Bowden and Mary Jagoe source baptism

9. Starting with Edgar Dewdney,  CONNECTED! added his wife Jane Shaw Moir, source notes in his bio and burial

Added Stratton Moir and Susanna Louisa Mildern as parents for Jane, source 1851 census, their marriage and deaths

Added Susan Louisa Moir, a sister for Jane, source 1851 census and marriage

Added John Fall Allison, as husband for Susan Moir source marriage and burial

Added John and Susan as parents to (existing profile) Alfred Edward Allison source marriage and death

10. Completed the merge of Honor Michell  CONNECTED! (and Michell-220) added source baptism, marriage and burial

by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 6 (67.5k points)
edited by Carol Keeling
Great job, Carol!  Between the two of us, we'll knock down this list!
You two ladies are AH-MAY-ZING!
Abby, just so you know, Carol's connection of Rachel Bowden connected 37 profiles.

And the Spurgeon connection connected 14 profiles.


Continued from original post above.

11. This connection was a joint effort between myself and Paula, and took many hours of research from both of us to achieve it, but the end result means that the Lilley family, that was the largest English unconnected branch has now been connected.

Starting with Alice Maud Blanch Burr, CONNECTED! the wife of Robert William Lilley, source birth, marriage and death, 1881/91/1901 census

Added her parents Thomas Lewis Burr and Clara Atkinson, source baptisms, marriage and deaths, 1881/1901 census

and her sister Ethel Caroline May Burr source baptism, marriage and death

added William Frank Medhurst Clifford as the husband of Ethel, source baptism marriage, death 1891/1911 census

Added Mark Clifford and Sarah Rowley as the parents of William source baptism, marriage, death 1861/1891 census

Added Austin John Clifford as brother of William source baptism, marriage, death, 1891 census

Added Rosina Isabella Harvey as the wife of Austin source baptism, marriage, death census 1901/1911

Added William John Harvey and Alice Mary Badham as parents of Rosina source baptism, marriage and death, 1891/1901 census, 1939 register for William

Connected William and Alice as parents to (existing profile) Alice Matilda Harvey source baptism, marriage 1891/1901 census

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1.  Started with GFR Unconnected Hugh Pribble.  His profile is well-sourced, and includes burial information in family cemetery.  Located Find A Grave memorial which connects to father 

Thomas Pribble II (buried in same cemetery) - created profile for this U.S. Revolutionary War veteran (added 1775 tag).  The Tenmile country and its pioneer families: a genealogical history of the Upper Monongahela Valley, with complete index connects to father

Thomas Pribble --> CONNECTED!

2.  Started with poor, lonely Rhoda (Bolton) Dyer, who is not connected to anyone - her profile lists a marriage date but no husband.  Found a woman with a similar name - Rhoda Bolton (she was already connected to the tree), with no spouse or married name, but two children, Amasa and Abijah Dyer.  History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts lists Rhoda with the same two sons, three daughters, and her mystery husband - Abijah Dyer (he was already connected to the tree).  Connected Abijah Dyer and Rhoda Bolton as spouses.  Found marriage record for Abijah and Rhoda in Early Massachusetts marriages prior to 1800 that lists the same marriage date as unconnected Rhoda (Bolton) Dyer.  Finally enough proof to merge the two Rhoda's.  If merging Rhoda #1 into Rhoda #2 can be claimed, then she is -->CONNECTED!  Otherwise, at least she is-->No Longer on the Unconnected List!

3.  Started with Caleb Carpenter (actually, tried several Carpenters before I found a line that worked!). His profile lists wife Rebecca, marriage date ~1825, and 12 children - but 8 of those children born before the marriage.  Find A Grave memorial for son, Dyer Carpenter, lists names of both parents, and The New England historical and genealogical register connects Caleb to first wife,

Rhoda Dyer Carpenter - create new profile for her.  Connect Caleb's children to their mother.  Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915 connects Rhoda to her parents,

Abijah Dyer and Rhoda Bolton -->CONNECTED!

4.  Starting with Eliza Jane Fields and created new profile for her husband,

Andrew Eulitt - marriage record and pension record, and connected him to his sister,

Amanda Eulitt - 1850 census record -->CONNECTED!

5.  Started with John Frederick Weigand. Proposed merges for him, his ten siblings, and his mother with their duplicate profiles. Added 1880 census which connects him, his mother, and four of the siblings to his father,

John Andrew Weigand.  This profile is not open, so I am unable to connect him to his family. Sent connection request and source to Profile Manager.

by Star Kline G2G6 Pilot (570k points)
edited by Star Kline
That's brilliant. Will be good to see all the Pribble entries disappear from the 100+ unconnected list. Think you should ask Abby for some bonus points for this one.
Thanks, Carol.  I actually started looking through the Pribbles last month.  I keep notes on a spreadsheet until I finally find a connection, then I enter the information here.  For the lines I can't connect, if I find unsourced profiles, I list the sources as part of the Sourcerers Challenge.  That way I can participate in two challenges at once!
Glad to hear that someone else uses spreadsheets to track their progress in wikitree. I'd be lost without mine. You managed to reduce the 100+ unconnected list by 18 yesterday by getting the Pribble family connected. The list now totals 360, and it's reduced by over 200 in the last 6 weeks. We all need to work on some of the big branches to make a bit more progress.

(Added 5 June) And with your success with the Carpenter family, that's another 5 removed from the 100+ list. Now standing at 355.

(Added 13 June). Well done to Paula, getting the Hancox branch connected, and to Star getting the Arbuckle's connected. A few smaller branches have also been connected this week, the 100+ list stands at 333 today!!

(Added 30 June). Today there are 317 profiles on the 100+ list. A huge number have been connected (including the Lawler tree by Valerie and the Blakey tree by Paula), since posting on the 13th June, and one very large tree has been added, which has increased the 100+ total by 18. Just getting that new branch connected would put our total under 300. That's pretty good going, seeing as I counted the 100+ profiles on 20th April, and the number then was 563.
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Continuing on from last month's efforts: 

  1. Salmons-50 (starting branch size: 46) to Salmons-19 - christening
  2. Salmons-60 to Barnes-9599 - christening, marriage, census
  3. Salmons-60 to Salmons-33 - christening, census
  4. Salmons-60 to Salmons-34 - census
  5. Salmons-60 to Salmons-35 - census
  6. Salmons-60 to Salmons-36 - census
  7. Tompkyns-1 to Tompkyns-2 - christening
  8. Gasson-34 to Gasson-35 - birth, christening, census
  9. Dingle-49 to Dingle-57 - christening
  10. Dingle-36 to Dingle-44 - christening, census
  11. Dingle-36 to Dingle-43 - christening, census
  12. Dingle-37 to Dingle-39 - christening, census
  13. Dingle-37 to Dingle-38 - christening, census 
  14. Dingle-25 to Dingle-34 - census
  15. Dingle-25 to Dingle-33 - census
  16. Dingle-25 to Dingle-32 - census
  17. Dingle-25 to Dingle-31 - census
  18. Dingle-25 to Dingle-29 - census
  19. Dingle-25 to Dingle-28 - census
  20. Dingle-25 to Dingle-27 - census
  21. Dingle-25 to Dingle-22 - census
  22. Dingle-25 to Dingle-35 - census
  23. Dingle-25 to Dingle-30 - census
  24. Dingle-49 to Dingle-51 - christening
  25. Dingle-49 to Dingle-52 - christening
  26. Dingle-49 to Dingle-53 - christening
  27. Dingle-49 to Dingle-54 - christening
  28. Dingle-49 to Dingle-55 - christening
  29. Mutton-390 to Mutton-391 - christening
  30. Barron-975 to Barron-974 - christening
  31. Barron-974 to Barron-1011 - christening
  32. Barron-974 to Barron-1026 - christening
  33. Barron-975 to Barron-1031 - christening, census
  34. Barron-975 to Barron-1013 - christening, census
  35. Barron-975 to Barron-1014 - census
  36. Barron-975 to Barron-982 - christening, census
  37. Barron-975 to Barron-1027 - christening, census
  38. Barron-980 to Barron-981 - christening
  39. Barron-981 to Barron-973 - christening, census
  40. Barron-973 to Barron-1023 - birth, census
  41. Barron-1023 to Trevenna-3 - marriage
  42. Barron-973 to Barron-1006 - christening, census
  43. Barron-981 to Barron-985 - christening, census
  44. Barron-983 to Barron-997 - census
  45. Barron-983 to Barron-987 - census
  46. Barron-983 to Barron-988 - census
  47. Barron-983 to Barron-1000 - census
  48. Barron-983 to Barron-990 - census
  49. Barron-981 to Barron-970 - christening, census
    • We interrupt your regularly scheduled connecting to bring you an attempt to connect Terry Fox and his family to the wider tree.
  50. Fox-7360 to Fox-3016 (pending addition to the trusted list for Fox-3016) Rolly Fox: Our Dad and GrandpaTerry Fox
  51. Fox-3016 to Carpenter-9288 (pending addition to the trusted list for Fox-3016) - Canada census, marriage, US census
  52. Carpenter-9288 to Carpenter-9285 - census, birth, marriage
  53. Carpenter-9285 to Carpenter-9286 - census, birth, burial
  54. Carpenter-9286 to Carpenter-9287 -, birth, census
  55. Carpenter-9287 to Carpenter-341 - birth, census - Connected!
    • We now return you to your regularly scheduled connecting.
  56. Barron-981 to Barron-986 - christening, census
  57. Barron-981 to Barron-971 - christening, census
  58. Barron-981 to Barron-989 - christening, census
  59. Barron-981 to Barron-972 - christening, census
  60. Barron-981 to Barron-991 - birth, census
  61. Barron-981 to Barron-992 - census
  62. Barron-981 to Barron-966 - census
  63. Barron-966 to Barron-965 - census
  64. Barron-981 to Barron-993 - census
  65. Barron-981 to Barron-994 - census
  66. Barron-1003 to Barron-1019 - christening
  67. Dewstow-1 to Dewstow-3 - christening
  68. Gibbard-41 to Gibbard-58 - christening
  69. Gibbard-58 to Gibbard-57 - christening
  70. Gibbard-58 to Gibbard-59 - christening
  71. Gibbard-58 to Gibbard-60 - christening
  72. Gibbard-58 to Gibbard-42 - christening
  73. Gibbard-58 to Gibbard-63 - christening
  74. Gibbard-63 to Gibbard-68 - christening
  75. Gibbard-63 to Gibbard-67 - christening
  76. Gibbard-40 to Gibbard-54 - christening
  77. Gibbard-40 to Gibbard-56 - christening
  78. Gibbard-69 to Gibbard-44 - christening
  79. Salmons-50 to Salmons-25 - christening
  80. Salmons-50 to Salmons-27 - christening, census
  81. Mills-1676 to Mills-1677 - christening - Connected!
    • (This should also connect Morris-3171, Morris-3156, and Farmer-559.)
  82. Mills-1684 to Mills-1676 - christening, census - Connected!
    • (This also connected Farmer-587.)
  83. Salmons-50 to Salmons-28 - christening
  84. Salmons-50 to Salmons-26 - christening
  85. Salmons-57 to Salmons-37 - christening
  86. Salmons-57 to Salmons-40 - christening
  87. Salmons-44 to Salmons-45 - christening
  88. Salmons-44 to Salmons-46 - christening
  89. Salmons-44 to Salmons-47 - christening
  90. Salmons-44 to Salmons-48 - christening
  91. Salmons-44 to Salmons-49 - christening
  92. Mutton-391 to Salmons-63 - census
    • (The profile manager for Cowell-76, the sister of Cowell-175, who was the wife of Salmons-63, connected Cowell-175 to her parents and sister, so a whole whack of Salmons should now be Connected!)
  93. Salmons-50 to Salmons-22 - christening, census
  94. Salmons-50 to Salmons-23 - christening
  95. Salmons-22 to Crook-1055 - marriage, census
  96. Morris-3155 to Morris-3156 - christening - Connected!
    • This should also connect Beeching-15 and Brown-9777.)
  97. Morris-3155 to Morris-3170 - christening, census - Connected!
    • (This should also connect Knight-1575.)


by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (530k points)
edited by Greg Slade
+6 votes
1. Added William Rider CONNECTED! as husband of existing profile Rebecca Siddons source marriage (connected about 200 profiles mostly Siddons and Vowles, with thanks to Carol for her help)

Added Rachel Rider as their daughter source baptism, marriage, census and death

Added John Richard Armfield as husband of Rachel source marriage and death

Connected (existing profile ) Ann Rebecca Armfield as daughter of John and Rachel source baptism marriage and census   for William Rider   for Rebecca Siddons    for Rachel Rider   For John Richard Armfield    for Ann Rebecca Armfield


2. Merged Charles Hair (Hair-442) and Charles Hair (Hair-416) meaning that the Blanchard and Brown fmaily (100+) CONNECTED! to the global tree this morning


3. Hancox-161 (existing) CONNECTED! as father of existing profile Hancox-76 source 1851, 1861,1871 censuses, birth reg and marriage reg (connected about 500 profiles mostly Hancox, this was the biggest English unconnected tree)

Added   as wife of Hancox-161 and mother of Hancox-76

4. McLane-78 (Existing) CONNECTED! as the son of McLane-101 using 1851 & 1861 census. This connected the 100+ Blakey's from Northumberland.

5. Sheild-57 merged CONNECTED! with Shield-23 as the same person, which connected 22 profiles.

6. Snow-4086 CONNECTED! By adding snow-4232 with bap, marriage & 1861. Added blight-223 with marriage 1861 &1871. Connected to Snow-2858. This connected 14 profiles.

7. Gambles-4 CONNECTED! By adding gambles12 with marriage & 1871. Added hill-19010 marriage & 1871. Connected to gambles-3. This connected 97+ Dove profiles.
by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)
edited by Paula Dea
+4 votes

My contributions:  

Capt Abijah Wilson-33423.  Added 2nd spouse,, Hannah Bushnell-608 with sources.  CONNECTED Hannah to her parents.  Then CONNECTED Abijah with his parents.  Both sets of parents were already on the tree.

Also, sorted out 4 generations of Elisha Kents.   Elisha Kent-3567 b. 1796 and his parents including Elisha Kent-3564 were in the db and connected to each other but not to the tree.  These were early settlers to Royalton VT.  The progenitor of the line, John Kent-883  was in the db. I created first the memorial for his son, Rev. Elisha Kent-3729, and his wife Abigail Moss, daughter of Rev.Joseph Moss-2091, connecting each to their parents.  Then created the memorial for their son Elisha Kent-3772, CONNECTED him to the elder Elisha and his son and grandson Elisha.  It's a good start.


by Carolyn Adams G2G6 Mach 8 (82.2k points)
+5 votes
by Valerie Willis G2G6 Mach 9 (93.2k points)
edited by Valerie Willis

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