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My grandmother was a twin, her twin sister had twin grandchildren, and my other grandmother had twin brothers. In researching I'm coming across many twins going back many generations and I thought it might be interesting to be able to look at the bigger picture, see the frequency of twins in the family. Is there a way to look at this? Maybe there could be something on profiles to indicate multiple births?
in WikiTree Tech by Nicky Blacklock G2G6 Mach 2 (28.8k points)

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There is a twins category you can add to their profile.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (487k points)
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My Uncle & Mom  my Uncle's daughter has twins. Twins seem to skip & follow 1-3 generation: my maternal line; 

Also my maternal line: Ida & Ada Duesler;  , .

Awesome, thanks Jamie! :)
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You could put a note in or above the Biography as to the relations of each twin with a link to the other twins profile.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Hi Nicky, I'm a twin.

Biologically twins are only in the mother's genes (so the scientists say), with the exception of modern day I.V. treatment.

Saying that, the amount of twins I've found in my One Name Study - mmmm quite a few.

On the profiles within the trees/profiles I create, under biography - I always state 'twin'.

So far I've not come across triplets etc...

In answer to your question "Is there a way to see the frequency" - I don't believe there is a way to click on a button etc to see this.

I like the idea/suggestion - something on the profile to indicate multiple births.
by Living Bowling G2G6 Mach 6 (60.0k points)
Hi T Cassidy :) That's really interesting! I've been amazed at how many I've found, like you, no triplets+ though either. Someone in my family said they come about every 2nd-3rd generation, I'm not quite finding this to be the case but there are many. No twins yet among the descendant's of my grandmother, but time will tell.
I just read somewhere that it's fraternal twins that "run in the family" (a genetic disposition in the mother, as you say) while identical twins are randomly distributed.
Hi Nicky and Eva

It's fascinating stuff. :)
In my husband's family there are twins every generation since the 1850's - from Ireland to New Zealand. When I hear of another set of twins on the way I know it is all Bessie O'Reilly's fault.
lol ... Bless Bessie O'Reilly huh! :)
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Hi Nicky, My father had twins, I had Twins and my son had Twins. Obviously not the mothers Genes this time. 

It would be very interesting to be able to easily find Twins in past generations. 



by Allan Stuart G2G6 Mach 2 (24.7k points)
Hi Allan

It would! I aren't very active here at wikitree anymore, but did add the twins I've found to the twins category linked to above in Jamie Nelson's answer. To date no new twins have manifest down the line on my grandmother's line ... but as I said above time will reveal all! Her great grandchildren's generation is well and truly here and maybe among them in time we'll see more twins :)
Thanks for that, my twins are on the twins category. I know that there are others in the past, when I come across them again I will add them as well.

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