What to do with Vladiboj?

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Vladiboj (should be Vladivoj) Prince of Bohemia (Prince_of_Bohemia-9) is listed as son of Boleslav II the Pious (Bohemia-14) and Emma (Of_Mělník-1). This is highly questionable since the only known sons of Boleslav II are Boleslav III, Jaromír, Oldřich and Vaclav.

There are essentially four theories about him:

  • He was from an unknown minor branch of the Přemyslids.
  • He was a son of Doubravka (Bohemia-12, Boleslav II's sister) and her husband Mieszko I (Piast-6). Charles Cawley and FMG go with this one.
  • He was possibly a son of Boleslav II, WikiTree only and no source.
  • He was the son of Boleslav I and Biagota, only in Detlev Schwennicke: Europäische Stammtafeln, and only as "uncertain" with no source.

It seems to me that he should be disconnected from Boleslav II but what should we do with him then?

WikiTree profile: Vladivoj Český kníže
in Genealogy Help by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (552k points)

2 Answers

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I added a note to the profile to explain where the profile came from. That way, when the profile is disconnected and has no parent, it will still be possible to understand its history.

It might also be worthwhile to list theories of who he might be, assuming that he existed...
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
He was duke of Bohemia from 1002-1003. Details about his end are known (drank himself to death apparently). I'm leaning towards Doubravka and Mieszko, though, if only because FMG does.
Charles Cawley, is quoting the Chronicle of Thietmar of Merseburg who did live at that time.  He names Vladivoj (Wlodowi) as from Poland and related to Boleslav.

However in an earlier page there is an additional note naming Wolodou as the son of Dobrawae and Misecone.

I think I would go with them as his parents, perhaps making them both uncertain.

Perhaps this is where his brother Mistovius comes in?
Should his LNAB then be changed to Piast?

As to Mistovius, Charles Cawley seems to go with the interpretation that he might be Mieszko, which would make him the father of Vladivoj. The German literature appears to favor Mistiwoj who was the son of Nakon, a prince of the Obotrites:

  • Peter Donat:Mecklenburg und Oldenburg im 8. bis 10. Jahrhundert. In: Mecklenburgische Jahrbücher. Bd. 110, 1995
  • Nils Rühberg:Obodritische Samtherrscher und sächsische Reichsgewalt von der Mitte des 10. Jahrhunderts bis zur Erhebung des Fürstentums Mecklenburg 1167. In: Mecklenburgische Jahrbücher. Bd. 110, 1995
  • Wolfgang H. Fritze: Probleme der abodritischen Stammes- und Reichsverfassung und ihrer Entwicklung vom Stammesstaat zum Herrschaftsstaat. In: Herbert Ludat (Hrsg.):Siedlung und Verfassung der Slawen zwischen Elbe, Saale und Oder. W. Schmitz, Gießen 1960

In any case he should not be listed as a child of Boleslav and Emma. 

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At the end of the day, he should only have one set of biological parents. So retain the connection to the most likely set of parents, and put the info on the runner-ups, as well as the discussions on the remaining uncertainties in the Notes section, to provide room for future reviews.
by Bill Debuque G2G1 (1.8k points)

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