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I have been working on the lineages of Zac Efron, Christopher Lloyd, and Carly Fiorina.  I have come across an Anne Mosher, to which I have documentation from two books, the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and the DAR.  It shows that she married a Matthew Dymond from England, and had a daughter named Margaret "Peggy" Dymond who married a Reuben Montross and had a son named Peter Montross.  All of these are on WikiTree, as you can see, however, from Matthew down, they are linked to an Anne Mosher with the wrong birth date/place, correct death date/place and wrong parents.  This profile also only has sources from Ancestry.com.  I wish to clean this up and get the correct information in WikiTree, but I would like to ask assistance on doing this as well ask if anyone could help double check and make sure that everything that I compiled is correct.  May I please receive some assistance?

WikiTree profile: Anne Dymond
asked in Genealogy Help by Stephanie Ledbetter G2G3 (3.8k points)

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Remove Matthew Dymond as the husband of Ann Mosher Tripp.  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Mosher-251 as that Ann is the daughter of James and Sarah Mosher and clearly married Benjamin Tripp.

Looks like this may have been the result of numerous early merges.

Exeter Marriages
: 2-179: Moshier, Ann and Benjamin Tripp, March 29, 1769. (p. 22)
: 2-179: Tripp, Benjamin of Job, of Exeter and Ann Moshier of James, of Richmond, by Gideon Moshier, Justice, March 29, 1769. (p. 33)<ref> Arnold, James N. Vital Record of Rhode Island : 1636-1850 : First Series : Births, Marriages and Deaths : A Family Register for the People:  Vol. 5, Washington Co. (Exeter), Narragansett Historical Publ. Co., Providence, Rhode Island, 1894. </ref>
answered by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (612k points)
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I did find several trees at My Heritage that appear to reference this person, but I don't have a subscription so it won't let me see the content. Couldn't tell you if they have any clear source work. What I can see is that they do vary on a number of details.

Married name - Dymond - also spelled Diamond, Diamend

Number of siblings - 9, sometimes 10

Number of children - varies from 1 to 10

Her husband's birth date - varies - 1740, 1751

I did a search on World Connect just to see what's out there. Lots of variances - born 1745 in Massachusetts - born 1753 or 1754 in NY


Best one I could dial down was this one


Keeping in mind that a lot of these things have no sources at all, this one had one what appears to be decent source:

Author: Mildred (Mosher) Chamberlain and Laura (McGaffrey) Clarenbach
Title: Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson Through SevenGenerations
Publication: Name: Name: Library of Congress Catalog No. 90-84352 Revised Edition ISBN0-9604142-1-5;;
ABBR Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson Through Seven GenerationsDATE Copyright 1990
Page: Page 20
Text: QUAY 2

answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (354k points)
I would be careful about using the Clarenbach-Chamberlain book as a source.  Several years ago a friend loaned my Dad a copy of it and he discovered that his grandfather, Benjamin Mosher was listed with two wives, Maria and Lydia with different marriage dates.  Benjamin had ONE wife, Maria Lydia Knowles...Not only was this error included in the book, but somehow the authors used my Dad as the source for their information!

Hopefully the information you've found in the book is correct, but I wouldn't use it as my only source....
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I don't know that I have the definitive answer for you, but I may be able to point you in the right direction. The book "Descendants of Hugh Mosher & Rebecca Maxson through 7 Generations" revised edition by Chamberlain & Clarenbach (which I have not been able to find an online ebook of) states that the wife of
Matthew Dymond was Anne Mosher 4 (William 3, James 2, Hugh 1).  [[Mosher-890]]

There is some confusion in WikiTree caused by the link of [[Mosher-251]] to Matthew Dymond, as well.  She is the daughter of James Mosher and Sarah Davol and married Benjamin Tripp.  She should NOT be linked to Matthew Dymond.

answered by Janne Gorman G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
There are dup's and/or wrong parents for Anne's father William Mosher-893 and -1461, and his parents James Mosher-228, -978 and Mary Davol-21, -45 as well.
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Ok, I removed Matthew Dymond-59 as husband of Anne Mosher-251 Tripp and set a rejected match with Anne Mosher-890. Now I see what looks like a couple of dup's for each Anne, Mosher-1154 and -1158.
answered by Stephen Reeves G2G5 (5.1k points)
The other two Ann Mosher's are abandoned profiles,  You might want to adopt them both, and just merge them into Mosher-890.  I added a source for her estimated birth and marriage for now.

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