DEAD LINK: in the "Tables" Section of _Editing Tips_

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The "Tables" section of _Editing Tips_ has a link to, and the link is sortof wrong.  Currently (June 2, 2016), the linked page says, "Our server is now offline."  Lower down on the page are links to "source is available here" and "mirrors".  

I was baffled by the term "mirrors", even though I'm an adept.  I fear that non-techie users will be quite thrown.

Some suggestions:
a) change the link to point directly to excel2wiki; or
b) provide three (annotated) links in the Tables section of Editing Tips; or
c) keep the Tables link as is, with some added wording (e.g, "Once there, click on either of the two websites listed as 'mirrors'."); or
d) do nothing.

Any of a, b, or c might be a kindness to non-techie users.
Comments/support from the community?

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A link to the "Tables" Section of _Editing Tips_ would have been nice.

I find nothing under T or E in the help index.
Also, Editing Tips is linked under "Formatting, guide" in the Help Index.  No listing for Editing Tips.

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The website excel2wiki is no longer operational, I have changed the link to point to another external site with the same functionality.

Any terminology about Mirrors was outside of WikiTree and only arose once the original link ceased to function. One of the problems of linking to any outside website is keeping the links current, so reporting "dead" links is always appreciated so they can be updated.

Tables are at the Advanced end of of Wiki editing so it is a good idea to do some reading and study before using them, It only takes one out of place symbol to make quite a mess of a table. A Google search for Wiki tables will reveal many sources for further reading. Alternatively, post in G2G for advice if just starting out so a WIkiTreer with table experience can provide a watchful eye over any early efforts.
by Paul Bech G2G6 Mach 8 (83.6k points)
Using the html-to-wiki conversion produces a different result than the original html.

Specifically, blank lines are missing, and links have been stripped, leaving only the label.
There are two links to external websites. The one in the first para graph is for data in an spreadsheet ( like Excel), which can be copied and pasted into the website for conversion to a wiki table.

Below that is a link to another website for converting data that is in HTML format.

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