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I am trying to add numbered links from my timeline to my sources and then arrowed links from my sources back to the timeline facts but the links are not working and some of my code is appearing in the biography. Here is what I am typing:

Timeline:1851 Wantage, Blewbury, Berkshire, England, UK <sup id="_ref-0" class="reference"><a href="#_note-0" title="">[1]</a></sup>

Source:<ol class="references"><li id="_note-0"><a href="#_ref-0" title="">↑</a> England Census 1851 Piece 1689/Folio 595/Page 21 </li>

Here is the output I'm getting:

Timeline:1851 Wantage, Blewbury, Berkshire, England, UK <a href="#_note-0" title="">[1]</a>

Source: 1.<a href="#_ref-0" title="">↑</a> England Census 1851 Piece 1689/Folio 595/Page 2

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?

Also when I paste the link to the person's profile in the box below it says that Wikitree ID doesn't exist.

WikiTree profile: Henry Aldridge
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It appears to me that you are trying to do something that is not recommended with your source tags and the result is why it is not recommended, it does not work right in WikiTree. Check out these two help sections, and and then you may figure out how to create working inline references, if not ask for help here again.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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The formatting I am trying to use is what is used in the examples in, including the Collaborative Profiles of the Week.

This is one of the Collaborative Profiles of the Week:

Throughout the biography are green numbers which are links to the relevant sources in the Sources section. Next to each numbered source is a green up arrow which is a link back to the relevant information in the biography.
Dianne, I just looked at the edit screen for the profile you linked to in your comment and the sources look just like the examples in the style guide. The green arrows and links placing the sources after the <reference /> line are all  generated by the code and requires no additional input from you. From what you show in the profile you are working on it looks to me like you are trying to add that stuff with something other than Wiki Code and that is where the problem is starting.
Thanks Dale, I think I understand now. I copied the code from the source page for one of the example pages (after checking several of them). You're saying this is already built in so I don't need to add it.

I didn't notice that I could look at the edit page for the example profiles. I'll see if I can figure it out from looking at those.
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Maybe something like this

'''1832''' born<ref name="Census1852">England Census 1851 Piece 1689/Folio 595/Page 21</ref><ref name="Census1861">Wantage, Blewbury, Berkshire, England, UK 1861 England Census Piece 738/Folio 25/Page 16 Agricultural Labourer </ref>

'''1902''' jan passed away<ref>1902 Wantage, Blewbury, Berkshire, England, UK England & Wales Free BMD Death Index, 1837-1915 Vol 2C Page 20</ref>


== Sources ==
<references />


''' ==> you get bold

<ref>  ==> you get what's inside as a citation that will be seen where you have the <references /> tag

<ref name="Census1861">  ==> you give the citation a name and can reuse it at other places if you add a e.g.

xxxx<ref name="Census1861"/>

yyyy<ref name="Census1861"/>

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