Connection between adopted mother Marticia Murphy & Murphy-Jones Family? [closed]

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Given that there is not one group of Murphy family's.  I came upon an research point and I could not find information to point back to which Murphy set this girl was taken into.

Bessie Goss was the daughter of Tilghman Alexander Goss and Nancy Armstrong.

However, her mother died when she was 4 years old and her father died when she was in her late teens.

She was then adopted and raised by Thomas Lopossa and Marticia Murphy.

See the Jones and the Murphy are married into, I am just wondering if Marticia Murphy is from another line I have not found her yet. but if she is that would mean she married an cousin (she was adopted, but still).

Was it my Murphy's or another set, I can't find the connection.  Still wonder if there is one.


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I too am looking for a Murphy - Jones link.  

1. Does AGNUS JONES' family (London, Bethnal Green, England) have any wider connection with the wider MURPHY family?  [CORRECTION:  I've found Ada Lily JONES is the correct link. I've put her on my WikiTree. ]


2. My mother, Marie Simone Murphy nee Guest or Guet, claimed to have been an orphan. She was a French-speaker.  The notion of being an orphan needs care because in English the word orphan means unequivocally a child who has lost both parents, in French you say "orphelin de père/mère" if the child has lost just one parent. So it's not out of the question that my mother had lost her father or mother and used the word orphan as in French.


Like you I am searching around to see if I can find some similarities.

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your parents are beautiful

Yes, I think you're right - married September. Yes they could marry during war, SOE agents did!

"what was an able body man doing home?"  There are photos of him with Flying Boats, many crash sites, photos from the air, of hangars and airfields. He worked on aircraft engines so his war effort was to keep the aircraft running. Later, when posted overseas he was wounded and returned to the UK.


I love the link to Cornwall ! Totally fascinating. Thank you !


Thank you,  Cassel-204:
"your parents are beautiful".  


Your comment touched me deeply. I teared up when I read it. There is something very healing here.


Thank you.

The S.O.E. was formed in July, 1940, on Churchill's orders to "Set Europe Ablaze." With headquarters at 64, Baker Street, London

if they were SOE agents they became them after july 1940.

you have a time line through this you just have to order by dates. 




a memorial bearing the names of 91 men and 13 women agents of S.O.Es 'F' Section under Major Maurice Buckmaster, who from 1932 to 1936 had been General Manager of the French Ford Motor Company, are commemorated.

worked on engines...

Need to find the list of F section means he could of worked between then.

You will want to put code on your page. on your father above the bio.

{{World War II |French Resistance }}  


I believe this is what you need.

When I said, "Yes they could marry during war, SOE agents did!" I was only making an example. I didn't mean to imply that either of them was in that line of work.  However, I do find the wartime work of the SOE fascinating. As a child - then moved to post-war Germany, I began what can only be called a morbid fascination for the near-misses and escape stories of these brave people. I believe Nancy Wake, an antipodean has just died in 2011.

Thanks for the nudge to put a code on my page. I am going to have to do some homework about putting codes on my page - for now I have added it to the tag. I hope that's useful.

My mistake.  Apart from the fact that I spelled 'Agnes' incorrectly, I also got the wrong female JONES.  I have found an Ada Jones -50912.  The JONES-MURPHY links are strong around Bethnal Green, London, England. So, it turns out that my father's name, Albert Edward MURPHY -11445 is identical to his father's name, the person who married Ada JONES in Bethnal Green in 1914. See GRO Marriages 1C 251 

So the MURPHY-JONES marriage was in 1914; my father was born in 1918, so I might expect there to be some progeny in the intervening years?

Bessie Jones, I don't know whether this helps you in any way. I do hope so.

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