Database Error: Earth as a Location

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Several years ago, some "thoughtful" soul/joker added Earth as a location in data fields.  He wasn't referring to Blue Earth county or any other county, just the planet Earth. I would like a like to see this added as a Bogus Location so we can find and fix these location, either by adding the correct location or by deleting Earth.  (I found many of them by putting Earth in the location field for errors, but I'm not sure I found every one.)

We need to be careful, as there are real, existing places with the names: Blue Earth County, Minnesota; White Earth Indian Reservation, Minnesota; Red Earth, County Westmeath, Ireland; the town Earth, Lamb County, Texas; and Paintearth County in Alberta, so these need to be accepted as not being errors.  Perhaps the best way to be to flag only those profiles with Earth as the last or only word in a location.
in Policy and Style by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (335k points)
retagged by Dorothy Barry
Could be someone thinking about the future when we've populated other planets. I can just imagine the G2G discussions about how to fix all the old profiles that failed to include the planet ;)
Speaking of jokers....
Not a problem by that time.  Chris Whitten VIII wil just have his Gbot make the corrections in .324 sec.
Drat and there's me thinking "Men are from Mars and Women from Venus".

I remember visiting a place (yes it is real) called Hell, located Grand Cayman - great place to send postcards from ;)
Does make you wonder how they would classify a birth on the ISS (International Space Station). Would it make a difference if it was on a USA module or a Russian module?

But to respond to the OP, yes - Earth does not seem like a valid value in a location field for what we're tracking.
There is also a large gathering of people wanting a postmark of Romance, Arkansas on valentines day.
If only Paradise was on Earth. Well, you can actually find that place in Tasmania. I have also seen a road-sign in Tasmania pointing to "No-where Else"
There is a Paradise, California.  It's paved.  and a Valentine, Arizona.
Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Besides I have a T-shirt that gives my place of birth as EARTH...
Paradise, California became Hell on Earth and is 97% gone.
The birth on the space stations or other such communities, I would think most likely be classified by a GIS location, or ARC. We are already seeing this on USPS deliveries.

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Here you can define locations, that will appear in errors Space:DBE_606Space:DBE_636 and Space:DBE_666 as incorrect locations.

by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (275k points)

Did a search on earth at ShowErrors.htm

Total: 127 errors

Most seems to have been already cleaned

I did put Earth and earth into the location search field and corrected all errors that I found.  I just don't known if I found them all.

I added Earth as an error on page Space:Database_Errors_Definition

Point of this page is, that anyone can add bogus location.

I will recalculate the bogus location error shortly. 

Errors Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999
606 Bogus birth location 11   1   2 8  
636 Bogus death location 1112 40 221 310 367 172 2
666 Bogus marriage location 1       1    

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