What happens when someone knowingly rejects the merging of two profiles who BOTH parties know are the same?

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What happens when someone knowingly rejects the merging of two profiles who BOTH parties know are the same person and all the source documents say they are the same PERSON.

Bailey-10918 & Bailey-12262
WikiTree profile: Aston Bailey
in Genealogy Help by Richard Bruce Provost G2G1 (1.4k points)
Interesting, I actually don't know, hopefully someone more experienced will come along and assist.  The profile is private.
I adopted this profile when it was orphaned. I have Bailey's in my line and I wanted to see if this was my relative, I wanted to do the research for myself. The request from Richard it was for me to turn the profile over to him,not that we would do it together, he just wanted to take it away. This seems to be a control issue with him if he had offered for us to work together there would have been no problem. I just wanted to see if this person was in my line of Baileys and people reject matches all day long and nothing happens. They don't put defining details so they can always say it isn't the same person

Richard we did not know they were the same person and you started out asking for it to be turned over to you. That was what we were trying to tell you. This is Richard's first post to Karen "This person is a match to an individual in my family tree. I am waiting for the GEDCOM process to complete. While I'm waiting, I was wondering if you would mind turning this person over to me . Thanks Richard"

It didn't become a merger request until Vincent suggested that you create a duplicate and request a merger.

]15:02: Richard Bruce Provost added Richard Bruce Provost as manager for profile of Aston Bailey[Thank Richard Bruce for this]14:46: Vincent Piazza proposed a merge of Bailey-10918 and Bailey-12262 with a comment[Thank Vincent for this]14:46: Vincent Piazza removed a match of Bailey-10918 and Bailey-12262[Thank Vincent for this]14:15: Scott Fulkerson answered a question about Aston Bailey [Thank Scott for this]14:08: Eowyn Langholf answered a question about Aston Bailey [Thank Eowyn for this]13:58: Richard Bruce Provost asked a question about Aston Bailey (What happens when someone knowingly rejects the merging of two profiles who BOTH parties know are the same?) [Thank Richard Bruce for this | 2 thank-yous received]13:30: Richard Bruce Provost posted a message on the page for Aston Bailey[Thank Richard Bruce for this]12:05: You rejected a match of Bailey-10918 and Bailey-12262 with a comment.02:00: Richard Bruce Provost posted a message on the page for Aston Bailey

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Hi Richard,

I looked at the comments left be the person who rejected the merges.  I'd highly suggest you go through the steps here: http:/www.wikitree.com/wiki/Problems_with_Members.  Since you've already left comments as well you might want to go through the process to submit a Mentor Intervention Request so we can have one of our Mentors help work this out.

by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
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I would hope that at some point you and the other PM can work this out, but I was able to find this out on the help areas:


"We have a saying at WikiTree: Privacy controls are for privacy, not control. Privacy Levels and Trusted Lists enable you to collaborate while preserving necessary family privacy. They're not intended to enable certain family members to own and control the family history."

And also, in the section on "Management of Modern Profiles":

"Even here, the Profile Manager should not think of themselves as the owner of a profile. They're more like a steward or curator. They lead the family collaboration. They have a responsibility to share the profile with other family members. If they don't want this responsibility, they should let another family member be the Profile Manager."

However, with all this being said, the goal is not to brow beat another family member into surrendering control of a profile, but to (hopefully) respectfully ask for permission to help each other grow the family tree by collaborating to improve on the single profile. From what I can tell of the couple of public messages, it does appear that you have asked nicely to be involved in this profile, but without understanding the reasons why someone would be reluctant to allow another family member to help out, I can't speculate further.

I would try to strike up a private conversation with the other profile manager and ask if she would share her concerns with you over this profile, and explain your reasons for wanting to collaborate on efforts. Hopefully the two of you can work out how you can both help to make this profile better.

If for some reason you become overly frustrated with this issue, I'd recommend following this protocol:


See question #4 which seems most applicable to this particular situation.

Hopefully this helps.

by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I have contacted her several times with no response.  I have no problem collaborating with her, in fact I have already done so before being blocked from doing so.  To pursue this any further is of no interest to me. I abhor conflict.  I thought having two profiles for the same individual was contrary to the aims of this project.  I was obviously wrong! Also. she has no relation to the individual the profile concerns.
Actually, whether she's related to the person profiled has nothing to do with it.

I'd suggest just stepping back for a few days, work on other profiles. Give yourself some breathing room.

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